Tonight’s Deejay – Eleanor in Hell – IOTW Report

Tonight’s Deejay – Eleanor in Hell

unnamed-5WARNING: The last video in the playlist may be offensive to anyone who isn’t a lesbian first lady.

Adults Only Content Ahead (NSFW)

13 Comments on Tonight’s Deejay – Eleanor in Hell

  1. I always suspected there was a jukebox in hell with these songs on it – this is probably what comes on when you punch in Please Mr. Please lol.

  2. Won’t be hearing that last one on the radio. lol.

    That Jellyrollin Sweet Emma had kind of a Harpo Marx thing going, eh? That’s some pretty good lesbo music Eleanor in Hell. I heard that old devil was a pretty good musician too. 🙂

  3. So Eleanor, what’s the mood like down there? Is the boss giddy with excitement over the accelerated influx to your gated community?


    These song choices give me another slight glimpse into how fun you guys would be to hang out with. Loved the Tyrone Davis song!


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