Guy dies at taco-eating contest


The contest was reportedly part of “Taco Tuesday” at the park, and took place during the third inning. Several cases of fatalities linked to competitive eating contests have been reported before, including a 20-year-old student who died during a pancake-eating event, and a former professional boxer who choked to death in front of a crowd during a croissant-eating contest.

Dana Hutchings, 41, was allegedly given the Heimlich maneuver and CPR by paramedics at Chukchansi Park before he was rushed to Fresno Regional Medical Center, where he died on arrival, according to the Fresno Bee.


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  1. @Meerkat – I bought one of the BK tacos to try it, and that has to be one of the grossest things I’ve ever tasted. I don’t see them being on the menu for long. It’s a frozen taco that they stick in the microwave.

  2. We have teeth to chew food BEFORE it is swallowed. Failure to follow these guidelines can be hazardous to health and longeviity.

  3. Maybe on Cinco de Mayo they should have an all you can eat taco eating contest sponsored by one of the Mexican beer companies like Corona. How many tacos can they eat in 10 minutes before they get Montezuma’s revenge, it could be co sponsored by Kaopectate.

  4. Gluttony turned into a sport.

    Why would anyone power through a 5 pound rib steak, for example, just to get a tee shirt and their name on a plaque?


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