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Guy Redesigns Things Because… He Wants To

He put triangular wheels on a bike.

It’s kind of dumb, even though people are praising it.

The dumb part that no one is discussing is how the points of the tire will wear out quickly. I think.

What do I know?

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  1. I guarantee he doesn’t ride that to get somewhere, just to show it off. There is the efficient way, and then, well, there is this way. A product, or perhaps a symptom, of wealth.
    Next thing you know people will start saying that they should be paid to do nothing. Or for what their great-great-great-grandparents did.

  2. The next thing the government will be subsidizing it then mandating that everyone get rid of everything with round wheels and accusing anyone who doesn’t comply of being a racist all the while taking money from the triangular wheel lobby and buying stock.

  3. In my next life I’m going to be a commercial / industrial designer and redesign all the bullshit items I have to put up with that are so poorly designed. And most corporations these days are guilty of terrible engineering!

  4. For at least a decade, I have proposed a “Kick the Engineer in the Nuts” website.
    2 years ago I bought a Jeep Liberty with a blown motor. Every bolt is metric, except for the 4 bolts that go through the top of the transmission into the back of the engine. 4 bolts on an entire vehicle. These are the 4 hardest to get to bolts as well.
    My son had a Chrysler, the front tire and the inner fender had to be removed, to change the battery.
    These 2 engineers would get a nomination from me.

  5. Is this kids last name Goldberg? If not it should be. He should have started with a wagon, loaded it up full of rocks and pulled it around for a while. Better yet a wheelbarrow.

  6. @Cmn¢¢guy
    AT 5:49 PM
    “For at least a decade, I have proposed a “Kick the Engineer in the Nuts” website.”

    Engineers in my day started off by tinkering with machinery (cars, bikes, motors, etc), so they had an instinct for how things went together and came apart. Kids today don’t want to get their hands dirty, so engineering students are mainly computer geeks, or girls who never opened a hood on a car.

  7. This is not just remaking the wheel (and failing in the process), no, this is emblematic of the disdain, the cavalier dismissal this generation has for all our timeless institutions. It’s like they want to put their personal stamp on inventions/practices/institutions which they had nothing to do with and now want to muck up.

    Affirmative action, the environment, energy, the military, religious institutions, voting practices, reparations, and even our civil liberties, all are now being re-evaluated, manipulated, and weighed on an ESG scale, and those that don’t measure up are discarded, regardless of efficiency or practicality.

  8. Just for fun…..because.
    But not practical.
    Those “wheels” look like they belong as pistons in a Wankel rotary engine.

  9. Works on even, level paved surfaces. Would like to see it over uneven ground and at more than a leisurely pace.
    The skid pad might prove entertaining as well but I’m still holding out for the off road downhill.

  10. Tony R at 5:59 pm
    I can’t remember a time when I didn’t take things apart. I took a little longer to put them back together. I also had some great old guys to give some direction. Frank for engine building. I earned my keep cleaning his shop, several times. Ray and Bill for watch repair. Books through interlibrary loan.
    It was probably Frank that taught me, See one, Do one, Teach one, method of learning.
    I have had some engineering courses, but todays kid only learn enough to maybe grasp the concept of how things work. Then have massive debt and no job opportunity, mostly because they are to lazy to get off there asses.
    When I got out of the service, I collected unemployment for a year and raked leaves. I could make $15-20 an hour, but it was work.
    America has so many opportunities to make money, if your not afraid to work.

  11. Cmn¢¢guy: The biggest problem with the cars is that they are Chrysler. Some utterly stupid engineer designed it, some other managers approved it, etc, etc, and now you have a crummy car. Chrysler needs to die next time they beg for a bailout.

  12. Cmn¢¢guy: I also took things apart, and most of them I put back together. Unfortunately not all. Ask me about the new lawnmower I had to buy when I was 12.


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