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Minnesota Is Going to Pot


The Minnesota Senate early Saturday approved a bill to legalize recreational marijuana for adults 21 and older, sending it to Gov. Tim Walz’s desk for signature and marking a historic step that will transform the state’s drug policy. 

Recreational marijuana will be legal as early as August 1. Then over the next year, a new state Office of Cannabis Management will ramp up, tasked with implementing the new rules and regulations to shift an illicit market into state-licensed businesses throughout the state.  More

10 Comments on Minnesota Is Going to Pot

  1. BIG mistake. Oh and get this…” , a new state Office of Cannabis Management”. Another level of government bureaucrats, with bloated salaries, benefits, retirements, corruption, affirmative action, etc etc.

  2. They’re going to need to build more Taco Hell’s and Jack In the Boxes to keep up with all the munchies from the stoners blitzed out of their ever-loving Minnesota idiot pothead minds. Didn’t they learn anything from all the idiot stoners in Colorado, Oregon, Washington, California etc. that have already legalized pot. Whoopie, everyone needs to get stoned. NOT!


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