Hale scouted a second possible shooting site but determined there was “too much security” – IOTW Report

Hale scouted a second possible shooting site but determined there was “too much security”


After the attack, authorities found Hale had “maps drawn of the school in detail, surveillance, entry points,” Drake said.

“We some writings that we’re going over that pertain to this day, the actual incident,” Drake said. “We have a map drawn out of how this was all going to take place.”

Investigators also found the shooter may have looked at targeting another location, Drake said, but gave up on the idea after doing a “threat assessment” because the site had “too much security.” The location was in Nashville, he said.


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  1. What difference does it make what her plans were, she’s dead. Furthermore, no one is “assigned” anything at birth other than what they were conceived being at the time the egg and sperm met. The only thing we’re assigned with at birth, is that’s the day we were born and the day we begin to die. What we do inbetween says who we really are as an individual. She loved animals especially her 2 beloved cats, but not enough to know what happens to them. Obviously she didn’t like playing the role of a male, or she thought she was Rambo.

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    Well, being dead works! Just don’t involve others, especially innocent kids that weren’t involved in YOUR problems and haven’t even seen the world yet!!
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  3. if the law enforcement really wanted to stop the violence. communication is key and confusion is the enemy. transgender means nothing. Caucasian female dressed as a man is perfectly clear. if she was able to flee, im sure the first priority was to ditch the costume and put on pretty dress, wedding ring with bible in hand. the number of legally drug induced, mentally ill lunatic actors in society is catastrophic. bring back the asylums.

  4. me thinks this is not going to end well for the weirdos
    these trans people are crazy & they’re emboldened by the current political criminals


  5. Jackass Joe, Schumer and the lock-step democRATS in general all voted DOWN school hardening!

  6. skool shootings have been very effective for the political criminals & they’ve made the lgbt/trans-weirdos a protected class
    … never let a crisis go to waste


  7. Part of what I put in my group e-mail this morning…

    Glad I’m not responsible for making the decisions on what to post on websites.
    Very unhappy that this kind of crap happens and the causes are NEVER addressed, but actually encouraged to expand into the insanity we now have.

    Encourage pre-pubesant children in a mental illness and supplement it further with drugs that destroy their true makeup and boost the opposite.
    Quite the stretch from drag queen story hour, but gives results they’re after.

    There’s three links over at Townhall that are worth a look and won’t try and post them here…
    Includes two body cams and hope they don’t get taken down.

  8. “What difference does it make what her plans were, she’s dead.”

    The point being that the guns in the other place saved lives.

    Guns save more lives than they take in America. Threats to life often stop once a gun is produced in defense.

    How many lives were saved in the other area because it was better protected? All of them.

    That’s why so many Texas schools have teachers carrying these days.


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