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‘Holy grail’ of cancer detection predicts tumors a year before they form: breakthrough


The future of cancer treatment — hailed as the “holy grail” of early detection — is now being put to the test.

Following a radically successful trial on cancer patients, a new blood test that promises to predict tumors more than a year before they begin to form is now being applied in hospitals across the United Kingdom.

“This is the first pan-cancer blood test,” said Ashish Tripathi, founder and CEO of Tzar Labs as well as chairman of Epigeneres Biotech, the Indian firm where the test was first developed in 2021. An updated report on their findings was published this month in the journal Stem Cells.

“We can detect [cancer] earlier than other known technologies … before the tumor has physically formed,” Tripathi continued during a new interview with author and medical advocate Deepak Chopra.

“Not only can I actually detect it at this stage — I can actually tell you which cancer and where it is forming, straight from a blood test.”

In a trial of 1,000 participants — 500 non-cancer and 500 cancer patients — researchers were able to accurately anticipate the formation of tumors across at least 25 types of cancer, including all of the most prevalent and deadly varieties, such as breast, pancreatic, lung and colorectal. Even some participants within the presumed “non-cancer” group were found to have a predisposition for future cancer diagnosis.

“We did not get even one false negative, not even one false positive,” Tripathi noted.


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  1. Interesting but the “predisposition” is not a guarantee a cancer will form.
    The comments on the article are interesting.
    Some people who know researchers are saying big pharma likes to dump money into these research efforts then shelve them.
    We’ll see.
    I just don’t trust the current culture in medicine.
    It may turn out to be good medicine.

  2. This kind of news that would have seemed normal and laudatory before the China Flu seems weirdly discordant today. Why is the medical profession, that collaborated with governments to trample civil rights, hide effective therapeutics, exaggerate death stats and push the experimental jab, wasting time on stuff that would help people? How would this benefit be implemented? Would insurance cover the testing and mitigation procedures? If this process works and will relieve immeasurable death and suffering, will it be labeled misinformation and be crushed?

    I just have trouble believing that the beneficent motives attached to the health industry pre-Covid are still being practiced out there somewhere.

  3. If it works, big pharma and their cohorts in Congress will block implementation while the FDA “studies” the process for 15 years. After all, there’s big bucks in cancer treatment and Congress members have to think of their investment portfolios first!

  4. Cynic MARCH 28, 2023 AT 11:40 AM
    -They gave the test to America, and it came back for two tumors – Biden and Harris.-

    Democrats are a metastatic cancer as anyone with a Califorina or New York neighbor can tell you.

  5. Um… Nothing is 100% effective in medicine, especially concerning new treatments or techniques.

    The scientific method is being replaced with the ‘climate method’…


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