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Happy New Era


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  1. It’s 9:18 in Cali. Hate to be the party pooper. Next time my place. Nighty Nite brothers and sistas. It’s OUR time once again. The pendulum has swung. Here’s to hoping we can all make the most of it. God Bless.

  2. Happy 2017 to BFH and all the great folks who run this joint.
    And to all the wild and crazy posters who make it so much fun.

  3. The first Happy New Year in 8 long and dreadful years.
    A joyous and prosperous New Year to all at IOTWR.
    The H’s birthday was the day after the election and mine is 3 days after the inauguration of President Trump. Auspicious signs indeed.

  4. A new dawn will be approaching soon.

    Now they gotta extract a cockaroach from
    the house that used to be called white.

  5. The last 8 years have worn me out. I hope 2017 will be better.
    My wife and I would have moved to Monte Carlo to live on her parents yacht had
    that bitch Clinton won.
    It’s not a bad life if you like boredom. We summer there once a year.

  6. CNN’s Don Lemon will get his ear pierced live on air while covering New Years Eve 2017 in New Orleans. Except they mistakenly use a captive bolt pistol and kill Don. Zero F’s are given as they move onto to the next segment as the ball drops.

  7. Dear Lord,
    We begin this year singing a new song,
    to recall your truth and forgive the wrong,
    to forget the things that unbound us last,
    and the vain regrets of the year that’s past.
    To have the faith to take your hold
    and let go of worries that have grown old,
    You give your word with a purpose true,
    to what you place before us new.
    To help our brother along the road,
    and stand by him and lift his load,
    and praise Jesus to the world with cheer
    Bless us Lord with a Grand New Year!

  8. Hey, Happy New Year everyone!!!

    So, are the anti-Obama blogs and info-sites still going to continue the mission? Gotta keep an eye on the underhandedness of the likes like Pelosi, Franken, Warren.etc,..I heard that Warren might take a shot at WH in 2020. Can’t let it happen.

    Have a Blessed 2017!

  9. Happiest of New Years to our IOTWReport family! Love you guys and gals 🙂

    ~AA and Geoff C. (the Saltine)

    Onward to the WH and peace and prosperity for us all. Thanks and praise be to God.

  10. For the first time in 8 years, I’m hopeful for this country. I believe Trump will do great things. I never cried about a President, but when I saw that Trump won (I was sitting in the middle of the ocean), I cried. I was so happy. I fell back to sleep and slept the best in 8 years. I feel like we have a chance to really level the playing field now. Go Trump!

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