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Happy Pajama Boy Day!

This is the last day to enroll in Obamacare and avoid the tax penalty for 2016.  This being the 3rd occasion that we’ve reached this point, I’m declaring a new federal Holiday  – Pajama Boy Day.


We celebrate by lounging around in our flannel onesies all day, sip hot chocolate and dream about the government coddling us from cradle to grave.

Despite the threat of the IRS, not enough people participate in Pajama Boy Day like they should.


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  1. I believe that Pajama Boy married Obama Girl and that Mattress Girl is the result of that union. I cannot verify this and I do doubt it’s authenticity mainly because just looking at Pajama Boy tells me he isn’t into girls.

  2. priceless! …. absolutely priceless!!!

    perhaps in the near future we can celebrate this day, like Guy Fawkes Day, with merriment & mockery ….. Pajama Boy ObamaCare Day

  3. Instead of greeting cards, we’ll all be required to send reminder notices to friends and relatives to purchase Obamacare.

    No wishing each other a “Happy _____” or a “Merry _____”. We’ll be forced to harangue each other and try to shame our loved ones to overpay for insurance they don’t need.

    Everyone will have their hand out for free health care and no one will get what they really want or need.

    On Pajama Boy Eve families will sit around the table and tell the story of how we are all got to keep our doctors and our insurance plans and health care got less expensive. Children will grow up believing the story until their 26th birthday.

  4. And as for that dreaded “IRS Trap”, so far, it only applies to any Income Tax REFUND due back to you. If you don’t have a refund coming back, it’s not added onto whatever you owe the IRS.
    So, if you can arrange your finances and tax withholdings, best to have too LITTLE taken out, and set that difference aside to pay your income taxes with.

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