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Tucker Carlson’s Brush with Brash


About 15 years ago, I said something nasty on CNN about Donald Trump’s hair. I can’t now remember the context, assuming there was one. In any case, Trump saw it and left a message the next day.
“It’s true you have better hair than I do,” Trump said matter-of-factly. “But I get more pussy than you do.” Click.


At the time, I’d never met Trump and I remember feeling amused but also surprised he’d say something like that. Now the pattern seems entirely familiar. The message had all the hallmarks of a Trump attack: shocking, vulgar and indisputably true.

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  1. Haha…That is awesome. Still, not clicking on Politiho.

  2. I would have IMMEDIATELY gone out and adopted a hundred kittens, just for spite.


  3. “shocking, vulgar and indisputably true.”

    Okay, so what’s the problem if it’s indisputably true?

  4. “A temporary ban on Muslim immigration?”
    Yeah, ask Merkel about that.

  5. Take away the colorful adjectives and what ‘s left is the indisputable truth. Lib media loves adjectives.

  6. From the article: “Trump is in part a reaction to the intellectual corruption of the Republican Party. That ought to be obvious to his critics, yet somehow it isn’t.” (This is in reference to all those hoity-toity think tanks and intellectual speakers’ bureaus on the right).

    Mr. Pinko — That’s one of the points I was trying to make to you and Andrea on your show last week.

  7. From the link title:
    “Donald Trump Is Shocking, Vulgar and Right”
    And this is the kicker:
    “And, my dear fellow Republicans, he’s all your fault.”
    He is the FU vote, plain and simple.

  8. best line of the article ….. “Deriding Trump is an act of class solidarity, visible evidence of refinement and proof that you live nowhere near a Wal-Mart.
    ….stick it, establishment, where the sun don’t shine ….. sideways

  9. Here is my position on Trump. He is an asshole. He is arrogant. He intentionally pisses people of just to piss them off. I can live with that, or rather, I could, because I really got on with his “Let’s Make America Great Again” meme. He convinced me that he really had America’s interest at heart, and being an ass can help get that done. Then came Kelo. At that time, I said that was 2.99 strikes, but still said I would vote for him. That all changed when it became more about him winning than America winning. He started dropping in the polls and Cruz was beating him badly in Iowa, so he started attacking Cruz. Fair enough right? Well, yeah, but attack his positions, don’t call him a Canadian anchor baby that is owned by Wall Street, that’s crap and we all know it, as does Trump. Trump himself admitted he started the attacks on Ted, who he adores, because Ted was beating him in Iowa. It became clear to me that Trump only cared about winning, not making America great again. At best, making America great was a second to victory. Some have said Cruz started the attacks, but I don’t see how they come to that conclusion. Donald started lying to win, tearing down a person he called a friend. I have no use for a person of that character. We have about 95 of them in the senate and another 400 or so in the House. We don’t need one in the White House (again).

    Cruz 2016.

  10. If Cruz can not survive “Canadian anchor baby that is owned by Wall Street,” in the primaries – he definitely can’t win in the General.
    You think Dems are going to being nice to Cruz?

  11. The last paragraph of the article:
    Washington Republicans look on at this in horror, their suspicions confirmed. Beneath the thin topsoil of rural conservatism, they see the seeds of proto-fascism beginning to sprout. But that’s not quite right. Republicans in the states aren’t dangerous. They’ve just evaluated the alternatives and decided those are worse.


  12. So, Menderman — What were the 2.99 strikes about? Maybe we can shift the topic on those? 😉

  13. Ted fucked this up. He could have been President in 2024 after a distinguished VP run as DJTs running mate.

    But Ted is Ted, and he decided to roll. Big. Trump gets all be bad ink for his ego, but Ted is every bit the narcissist Donald is. Without, btw, any of Donald’s success or friends, or cool shit.

    Ted was the one that started the flaming, btw, by yacking on tape how he was onl using DJT.

    I’d suggest that Donald’s narcissism is as much a negotiating tool as it is a personality flaw. He’s who he needs to be when he needs to be, but his family is too damn awesome for him to be what many of you suggest he is. Stop evaluating these people like they’re guys you know in the neighborhood. In truth, NONE of them are “regular guys”.

    My guess is that Ted will be lucky to hold onto his senate seat now.

    If I’m wrong, I can live with it.

    I can gladly live with a President Cruz. But after four years of getting nothing done, which, aside from giving his colleagues some heartburn, is his only record to date in Washington, he’ll likely be a single termer. And that’s being generous enough to allow that he could win in 2016, which I think he’s too green to pull off.

    It’s too bad. But Sessions will be an awesome VP for DJT.

  14. Thinking maybe Tucker don’t have many conversations with adults without children present.

    Seems a bit sheltered to me.

  15. Attacks from the left are not the same as attacks from Trump.

    2.99 strikes was his Kelo comment.

    I’ll eat my hat if it makes America great again.

  16. Menderman all is fair in love and war. And this is a war for our country. As far as I can tell there there is no one that can win the general election but Trump over any dem in the field. If you attack him he hits back hard and fast, you heard Killary go after him he shut her down over the Trump hates woman crap (sounds like he likes a lot of gals). I want someone that has been in the trenches of life and for me that man is Donald John Trump.

  17. Actually, Rubio is the strongest against the Dem’s. Depending on when the poll is taken, Trump comes in 3rd or 4th. Carson even fares better than Trump V Hillary or Bernie in many polls.

  18. The cranky lefties on my FB page are in full out panic that Trump will be our next President.

    As much as I thought a President Cruz was a wiser choice-Cruz having Glenn Beck on his team and that creepy voter roll call slip from yesterday has made me cross over.

    Why the hell not Trump? Let’s go baby and paint the White House gold!

  19. I live in Texas and there’s no way Cruz will be a single termer in the Senate. We like him down here and we also like Trump. He still leads big in Texas primary for president.

  20. Choosing Beck showed me his lack of good judgment. The world know Beck is off his nut. Trotting beck on stage was an unwise choice. That probably lost him Iowa.

  21. Illustr8r, Welcome aboard the Trump train. Seal the border, fix the trade deals, get manufacturing back, and put people back to work in jobs they deserve. Go Trump.

  22. May your sentiment fall on God’s ears and come to harvest Bad Brad.

  23. Jerry, As a US manufacturer I’ve been shot at, shit at, and generally pissed on starting with Clinton. Not only do I want my economy back, I want fing revenge. I’m serious as a heart attack. And why I haven’t had one is a mystery. Go Trump, everyone else is a form of mental masturbation.

  24. Vietvet, There’s a better chance than average he’s on his way.

  25. Well, let’s hope not anytime soon. We need all the Conservative IOTWers we can get.


  26. It sounds like what turned you off was NOT that Trump was winning by campaigning but because, when he had to FIGHT TO WIN, he did so.

    The only alternative would be to lose, and that’s not why ANY politician campaigns.

    Please take into account that Cruz did NOT campaign or fight until a few weeks ago.

    I support the guy who has EARNED my vote.

  27. “……but I get more pussy than you do.”

    Proof positive that Trump is a results-oriented guy!

    Make American Pussy Great Again LOL.

  28. TO Bad Brad
    That’s a terrible thing to say about masturbation.

  29. Trump is a billionaire. Are you sure 100 would be enuf?

  30. Pathetic. Desperate.
    Can you even COUNT to three?
    Let’s see what the voters think, shall we?!?

  31. Like you, I want a little something more than just a win this cycle.

    I want PAYBACK.

    I want the last seven years of my career back.

    I want to be able to retire someday, hopefully before I’m 80.

    I want these people hunted down and tried and thrown in prison.

    I want all of these teaming miserable suck-ass stupid illegals outta here.

    I want the immigrants who get to stay to learn to be fucking AMERICANS!

    I want people who break our laws, no matter who they are, to suffer the penalties we’ve already established.

    I want a quiet, civil society, and the best, quickest, and most enduring way to get that is everyone being able to carry, everywhere they might go.

    I want unity, I want civility, I want everyone to be able to live their lives without experiencing the yoke of government on a daily basis.

    I want our enemies to fear us, whether it be in the theater of war, or negotiating trade, or securing liberties for our people across the globe.

    I want men to be men and women to be women and the mentally ill to be treated and the whackos to shut the fuck up for a change.

    I want america to be great again.

  32. What kind of handle is ill percenter?
    You sick?

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