Harry Reid making stuff up again

harry reid eye bandage

BigGovernment: As President Obama headed for Las Vegas on Monday to kick off an energy summit hosted by Senate Minority Leader Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV), media reports are surfacing of a recent FactCheck.org report that challenges Reid’s record of honesty in respect to statements he has made on climate change — in particular, the effects on bear hibernation.

“Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid has said at least twice that climate change is causing bears in the Sierra Nevada mountains to change their hibernation patterns. There is no evidence that climate change is actually having such an effect,” reported Dave Levitan for FactCheck.org, which was republished by Philly.com.



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  1. WTF would somebody from Search Light Nevada know about Bears. I’ve been to that town. As soon as you enter the city limits you’re IQ drops 20 points. Lucky for me I was only through there ten times

  2. Poor Reid He lies so much and still is not very good at it (my exercise equipment got mad at my neglect and took a sucker punch at me LOL). He is just a silly old reprobate who is not
    even close to being in the same league as Obunhole and the Clinton’s who are consummate artists!.

  3. I’m.surprised the little boy that hit him with that left hook was able to reach up.so high. Good shot kid… He deserved it. Never let an adult touch your private parts. Punch them.in the face and tell your parents.

  4. Ditto that, Brad. Been through there many times going from Bullhead City to Las Vegas. I’m sure that arid, sere place, fit for only reptiles & tarantulas, shaped his dry, withered & hateful soul. Growing up w/Cal-Nev-Ari to your south & Railroad pass to your North would make him as bitter & nasty as the alkaline liquid they call water there.

  5. The lying old pedophile can’t tell the truth about anything! He’s a demented old liar whose final brain cell takes vacations all by itself – it gets bored wandering around that empty head.

  6. DIngy Whorehouse Harry? Lie? That paragon of virtue and honesty? Say it ain’t so!
    That withered up husk wouldn’t know the truth if it came up and smacked him in the eye! (I’d normally say, “bite him in the ass”, but I wouldn’t risk poisoning the truth with his toxic sludge).

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