Rasmussen reports that 46 percent of likely voters think Hillary Clinton should  suspend her campaign. Some 44 percent disagree. 


  1. Hell no she shouldn’t suspend her campaign. Depending on who wins the GOP primary I may want to vote for Hillary. If the GOPe gets their way I won’t be voting GOP.

  2. I hope she campaigns right on down to the red-hot iron gates of Hell. And she and Soros try to get in together. And are joined by Huma, and ValJar, and Joey Biden, and Nancy Pelosi, and Mitch, and Boehner, and Harry “the Pedophile” Reid, and Al Franken, and Bill, and Jimminy Carter, and Raul Castro, and Jay Nixon, and Claire McCaskill, and CHEB!, and Jorge, and Al Sharton, and Calypso Gene, and Cornhole West, and …

    it’d be quicker to write down the ones who shouldn’t!

  3. Keep fightin’ Hill darlin,’ Keep fightin.’ ‘Till the cows come home.

    We believe you. You’re entitled to be POTUS. You worked so hard for it. How dare these “crazies” take it from you.

    You can always ruin the Country from prison like a cartel capo or a mafia don.

  4. 44% of American Citizens, who are likely to vote believe that she should continue to run for President of the United States! Nuff said, that statistic is equivalent to a thousand-word treatise about what is now wrong with this country! Start digging, the party’s over!

  5. Oh, I am certainly in the 44% who want her to continue to run. I firmly believe that if she suspends her campaign, she will be out of the media spotlight and we will get some page 38 bottom of the page paragraph six months from now that says she and the Justice Department came to an “arrangement” where she gets to, well, get away with everything.

    Stay in the race, sunlight is the best disinfectant.

    Also, it’s amusing to see the left twist themselves into pretzels trying to defend her.

  6. It’s hard to believe Donald Trump is one year older than Killary. She drags and droops along and he is always energetic. I had to look up the DOB’s to confirm.

    I have a dream….that Killary drops dead from a massive stroke on 09/11

  7. I don’t get pop ups with Adblock Plus. Used to wait forever to load one page. It’s still a bit slow, but just 1/2 of forever.

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