Obama Twitter Account Followed Rentboy.com

@barackobama Twitter account is supposedly operated by Obama’s 501c4 group Organizing for Action (formerly Organizing for America). The account was listed as a follower of Rentboy.com


That is until the offices of Rentboy.com were raided by federal agents. On Tuesday @barackobama unfollowed the controversial site that apparently engaged in arranging gay prostitution.


18 Comments on Obama Twitter Account Followed Rentboy.com

  1. Some how I just knew there was little danger of anybody in that administration being caught on Ashly Madison.

  2. Homopedos infesting Washington. Franklin Federal Credit Union Child Sex scandal. Obama and Chicago Man Country gay club with Rahmbo. It’s all true. Michelle is humping Valerie Jarrett, Hillary is Humping Human, Obama is a homosexual…

    I think Tromp and the beauty queens should be worth an extra two million bonus votes on election day. Enough of the homosexuals already.

  3. To paraphrase Jed Clampet, “Geeee Haddiie!” Now that’s 72 virgins Obozo could get behind or maybe vice versa.

  4. That isn’t really newsworthy. It would have been news to me if they were not following rentboy.

    I took one look at the guy when he was speaking during the Democrat convention ten years ago and said: He’s about as gay as a picnic basket.

  5. Finding a picture to go with one made be wonder if Rentboy.com might be Polish butcher shop, there was so many pictures of sausages.

  6. I believe a lot of pervs deliberately go into certain areas of law enforcement so they have a reason to possess child porn – “investigative purposes.”

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