“I, as President, I would go to congress and change the law to give them not a residency but citizenship,” Bush said in Spanish during a meeting attended by this writer.

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  1. A weak candidate will take votes wherever he can get them. Obviously there isn’t enough support from existing legal citizens. He needs the support of illegals. He needs to take his campaign overseas and across the border, it’s not working here. The hell with him.

  2. Excuse me for not giving a Fiddler’s f__k about Illegal Immigrant dreams.

    I’m an American. And I have dreams too.

    American Dreamers deserve an America planned around American’s dreams.

  3. Yeb’s sure do love all his illegal relatives. He is such a great family man and so full of love for the 40+ million criminals that he wants all of us to share his love by giving them our money, educate them, feed them, house them, and give them the priceless document of citizenship! As Jorge Ramos is want to say “I Love Yebs” like my own brother and patron!

  4. Once he goes overseas to tout his campaign, cancel his visa, passport, and citizenship.
    Then let the fun and hilarity ensue as he attempts to re-enter the US of A. With cameras.

  5. Jeb Bush would fight to grant Dreamers a path to citizenship while working to fix the broken immigration system in America.
    “I, as President, I would go to congress and change the law to give them not a residency but citizenship,”

    Think about that statement for a second.
    So in other words if he wants to change the law, there already IS a legal path to citizenship as, of course, there always has been!
    Why is the system “broken”?
    Simply because Mexico’s “best” want to take the path of least resistance is no reason at all!
    Does this Butthead even know what he’s saying?

  6. STFU fool.
    We have a number of friends who came here legally from Mexico. They learned English before coming to the US and worked hard to earn the money to start in the US and not receive welfare. Once they were here they started businesses and proceeded to work 12-14 or more hours a day to be successful. Every last one studied, paid the fees and proudly became citizens.

    Jeb and every one else who wants to make it easy for illegals spits on those who have worked, taken the hard route and become legal citizens.

  7. these recent pictures of Yeb, with very noticeable weight loss, makes me wonder what’s medically wrong with him

    he looks mentally challenged in the photo above

  8. CHEB! CHEB! You fucking moron!

    Look up the word “deserve” and explain how it applies to Illegal Invading Alien Rat People? Fuck you, you filthy, un-American, hate-America, corporatist maggot!

  9. Aaaaand THAT is the PERFECT answer any GOP candidate should be giving to Me-gyno Kelly’s bleeding heart Leftist “but what about dee cheeeldren?!” set-up question:

    “Don’t YOU care about the Americans who can’t find jobs, can’t eat or pay rent? Why do YOU hate American families so?!”

  10. Ol’ Jeb IS a dreamer. Dreaming he’s a real person, and dreaming he can be President. Well, I guess if Obama got elected, Jeb might have a reason to dream. Also, I’m certain that Hilliary hanging in there with all of the lies, ghosts, and skeletons hanging onto her presidential dream kite, gives any zero a hope at the president. LORD, help this country, please.

  11. Yes. CHEB! has delusions of adequacy.

    He needs to be gang-raped by a herd of MS-13s.

    Course, that may be his idea of Club Med …

  12. I’m beginning to think that Jeb Bush is screwed. Slowly but surely his poll numbers are dropping even with the support of the MSM and the establishment wing of the GOP. I don’t think it will be much longer before the money taps are turned off (the Bush family might be wealthy but not wealthy enough to solely underwrite Jeb’s campaign even if all the family were behind him which I also suspect they aren’t) and Jeb has to try to back out as gracefully as possible. With luck, this will finish all the Bush family political aspirations for a few generations at least.

  13. I wonder what W thinks of his little brother.

    “I TOLD you not to start with the crazy talk so soon. But you never listen to me. Mom was right. No more Bushs.”

  14. I propose the following quantifiable criterion for which Dreamers get a path to citizenship:

    Has the Dreamer paid more in Federal taxes than he’s gotten in benefits?

    If yes, then Welcome to America! You’re good to go!

    If no, then go home. We can’t afford you.

    I KNOW Trump would agree with me.

  15. Phyllis Schlafly declared at WND that since scRubio lied in spanish about AMNESTY, he should be DQ’d – same for !Yeb, no?

  16. Ola- como estas? Mi nombre es Yeb Boosh- quiero ser presidente!Si si peude! Viva Mexico! Viva Aztlan! Aieeeee!

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