YAAAAAAAAAA! My Son Picked Out a Barbie Doll and Might Be a Fruitcake!!! I’m SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Happy!

You accept your son no matter what, but no one is over the moon happy that there son could have gay tendencies. You’re just fooling yourself, or you’re gay as well.
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  1. Hippie, tree-humper kids bred from hippie, tree-humper parents that probably remain high on drugs for most of the day.

    Because, tolerance.

  2. When I take my boys to the store, I purposefully walk them through the girls section (obviously we don’t go to Target) to get where I need to go. Usually we need to take the roundabout way to get there. I absolutely love the stone cold “get me out of here now” look on their faces as I suggest pink fluffy toys. The real decision comes when we leave the store: waste 50 cents on the skill crane or get a handful of candy. That decision was soon stopped when one of them successfully pulled a pink stuffed animal out of the skill crane, now they always take 50 cents of candy.

  3. If our son did that their father would never know and I wouldn’t put it out on YouTube. Nope, not happening. But our sons have never shown the slightest interest in Babies other than blowing up their sister’s while playing Army

  4. Kid’s screwed. He’ll be forced to play with Dad’s “puppet” and if he doesn’t like it, Dad’ll give him an enema. Bunch of sick fucks out there that have NO reason being “parents.”

  5. I think there was a time when one could laugh this off and his selection of the doll maybe quite innocent (maybe she looks like his teacher) but today’s kids are being purposefully indoctrinated with ideas of gender fluidity and there no such thing as male and female and gay everything and turning children into freaks and its everywhere –in the media schools sports.

    Its even sadder when it happens at the hands of a child’s own parents. Dad should have kept this to himself–itll one day come back and haunt this kid–for better or worse

  6. No way was my boy going to play with Barbie dolls. Nope, he would have chosen the Terminator, Hot Wheels, or a nerf gun to blow up Barbie. My daughter would have chosen the Barbie of course, and she still has them. Both are married and never gave a hint they wanted to go the other way. The kid in the video has a long uncomfortable life ahead of him. His father will be eating his words later in life.

  7. It’s not the choice of the Barbie, it’s that the father is so clearly playing up the greatness of the boy choosing as he did. It’s a celebration. Would they have celebrated if he chose a Tonka truck? No..Well, why not? So the celebration is the issue.

    That’s gayness in a nutshell; They feel like their preference for men gives them something to celebrate and be morally superior about. Like it’s a credit to them. It’s not. It should be just “You like nuts, I like boobs, so what?” But no, the gay has to be lauded and honored for liking some dude’s hairy nutsack. Why? Just play with some dude’s nuts and keep to yourself. Playing with nuts is not spiritually superior to playing with boobs. It’s just a preference. Nuts or boobs. Make your choice and go about your business privately.

    Also, teach your little m’fer to stop screaming. That’s the worst bitch move of all. Egging your son on to scream like a bitch. Next thing you know that little queer is screaming next to me in a restaurant and ruining my meal.

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