Has Chuck Schumer Lost His Marbles?


Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer was caught in a strange moment on the Senate floor Wednesday, where he appeared to tell somebody who wasn’t there to get out of his chair. Footage from the Senate impeachment trial shows Schumer approach his empty chair before beckoning someone or something to leave for him to take a seat.

More with links to actual footage to the bizarrely behaving senate minority leader. Here  

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  1. I thought at first that he was looking down his glasses talking to blondie, but when I looked at a wider angle, you can see his head is too far down to be doing that. So maybe he saw a rat on the chair and told it to shove over- Or
    he could have been mumbling, “hey! Seats! Which one a yous wants me to sit on ya?!”

    Whatevever the reason… WEIRD.

  2. The dimwits leaders in both houses are way overdue for a mental check up to see how far from sanity they have strayed.

  3. Read a comment on Twitter: “He’s telling Satan to get out of his seat so he can sit down!”.

    I doubt that’s what it was. Satan is living in his soul, not outside of him.

  4. Chuckie isn’t alone on that bus. I just got home from a run to the post office.

    The radio station I was listening to played an audio clip of AOC saying the democrat party is a middle conservative party.

    Then they played two guys, I don’t know who they were. But they were falling all over themselves in praise of Adam Schiff’s impeachment speech.

    How it was so great that 100 years from now it will be remembered and taught to school children, because Adam defended democracy with one of the greatest speeches in history. Delivered with class and style, and clearly laid out his evidence of how corrupt Trump is.

    They seemed to think it was in the same class as Churchill’s speech calling the Brits to defeat the Nazis and to never, never, never give up. Or FDR’s post Pearl Harbor “day of imfamy” speech. They are two really, really stupid people.

    Oh, the bus probably stopped for Bob Casey (dimwit Pa).

    Ole Bob is sure the American people can’t be trusted to kick a corrupt president (or other politician) out of office at the ballot box. When the citizens don’t do their duty, it’s up to the legislative branch to impeach and remove crooks from office. Another fool whose actions show he doesn’t believe every vote counts. Kind of his Beto moment, who promised to end firearm ownership killing the 2nd A. This fool spilled the beans about their intention to kill the vote.

  5. Phantom Bogey, Chuck? I’d look into it.

    “So what is the truth behind what Bauerle was seeing around his residence? Graduate university students and people from certain entities, conducting supposedly ‘unauthorized’ research on state of the art cover and concealment technology, including invisibility techniques, such as non-linear optics, electronic cloaking and what is known in defense circles as ‘Phantom Bogey’ technology.”


    Somebody is messing with you, Chuck.

  6. Nope, That’s his ear piece malfunctioning. Chuck is far too stupid to be able to wax poetic about anything on his own. They use very small high tech earpieces and people are talking to him on it or he caught some skip. They can make you a little ditsy if you’re not use to them. Obama and Hillary have both used them. No way could Obama debate without one. They do take a good bit of practice.

    Or —>

    Paging the brain tumor that got Ted Kennedy, John McCain, and now Cuck Schumer. Thank you for your service.

  7. ^The earpiece malfunction is what I also suspect…

    And if that wasn’t the case then a demonic entity is entirely possible.
    People who open and invite such darkness into themselves will commonly be able to see and communicate with ‘something’ that only they can see and it has nothing to do with psychological issues.

  8. We The People have a right to know what kind of meds the political class are taking and they should be required to take routine mandatory drug tests just like a lot of private citizens have to do to gain/keep employment

    I don’t like the idea of having lawmakers who need meds for alzheimer and dementia, etc.

  9. If you really want to have some fun and watch snowflakes lose their minds. Tell the that when a President is impeached in the house but found innocent in the senate He can run for two more terms because the impeachment nullified the first term.

  10. TRF – Yeah, Harvey.

    Schumer just wants two weeks of beer and Poor Baby, Poor Poor Baby.

    I thought Harvey had better taste though.

  11. Schumer thinks he’s “Mr. Smith Goes To Washington”, and He’s just asking Harvey if he’s ready to go have cocktail…

  12. I think he was bored silly and was attempting to be silly because he was looking at his neighbors to see if they enjoyed the joke.


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