Idiots On TikTok Dip Their Testicles In Soy Sauce, To See If They Can Taste It

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People on the internet think they can taste soy sauce with their testicles. There’s just no delicate way to say that. But here’s the truth: if you can taste with your balls, you should be able to taste with your bladder, your lungs, and your intestines, too. That’s right. All of those bodily locations have taste receptors—and many more! Here’s just a brief list of all the places researchers have found taste receptors around your body apart from testicles and taste buds:

  • the cilia (little fingerlike projections) lining your airways
  • cells in the small intestine
  • cells in the large intestine
  •  the lining of your nasal cavity
  • heart cells
  • the placenta (if you’re carrying one)
  • the bladder
  • cells in the brain and the brainstem


How the meme got started- Here

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  1. Take 2 humans, male and female, adults age 25, neither tall or short, thin or fat, but normally fit and stand them nude. A beautiful sight of curves and planes, small mounds and valleys, until you notice something that looks like an ill advised add-on, just hanging there. It’s an important organ that has been left exposed to harm, even bad weather and you wonder – really, there wasn’t any other option?
    So someone thinks this organ that is a vital part of human species survival should be adorned with soy sauce . OK.

  2. I thought you were going to post that they dipped their testicles in Democrat politician’s piehole and detected a distinct taste shit

  3. I just read through the whole article.

    The main take away I got from it is that guys brains have no direct connection to their balls. Hell, we’ve known that for a long, long time.


  4. Dip ‘Em in Gasoline and see how
    that works out for you… No taste
    but you WILL FEEL the gasoline! go
    down lower and dip the red eye also.

  5. I should have hidden the chopsticks before my nurse caught wind of the aroma. Damn those Visiting Angels can wield some nasty bamboo.


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