Has the left reached peak stupidity yet?

Macklemore denounces his former haircut.


Macklemore has officially denounced his former Nazi-style haircut.

In a Tuesday tweet, the rapper responded to a fan who wrote, “Macklemore hair seems to be the chosen haircut of the racists now. I call on @macklemore to get online and denounce his own haircut.”

To which Macklemore quickly replied, “Got rid of it over a year ago.”


The article goes on to guide men into shying away from the hairstyle because… the hairstyle is racist.

No word on hipster doofi denouncing their muslim beards.

Nothing evil associated with those.


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  1. Has the left reached peak stupidity yet?

    NO, there is no end to stupidity short of knowing the truth and that goes completely against their beliefs.

  2. Another frickin moron from Seattle. He is a Seahawks fan and a buddie of Russell (celebrity quarterback) Wilson.

  3. Isn’t this the guy that wanted to fight everyone? That top hair cut looks like a Nazi cut. It was fashionable for militant lefties for while, as in, “Look out, I’m bad ass, look at my hair cut”. I usually wear my hair High and Tight. Number 3 fade finger length. Blow and go. It doesn’t look anything like that top picture. If I saw him on the street I would think “White Supremacist”.

  4. @joe6pack Why is Macklemore Seattle’s “go to” band for friggin’ everything! I can’t stand him/them and the insufferable Seahawk fanboy #12’s!

  5. Been getting my haircut at the same place for years & I always call my cut the nazi youth look. They just laugh.

  6. My kid has a similar haircut. My [trophy] wife was approached by a [wide load] mom a couple weeks ago and was told, “Your kid has a nice hair cut… for little Hitler.”

    He’s had the haircut for 4 years now and all of the sudden people have issues. Now it’s a joke around the house, he’s called little hitler and totally desensitized to it. As it should — He looks good versus the wide load mom and her wide load ugly kid that make it an all day affair to stand up without passing out.

  7. Love it! “Peak Stupidity” What a great way to put it.

    Did you guys hear Trump say “Anti-Fa!” last night in AZ? Oh my word! It was the perfect mocking tone. It was like he was calling them all a bunch of Nancies. Too funny.

  8. I vaguely remember having hair.
    As for the hat tip, it actually belongs to Dave, an old friend, who sent it to me. I don’t know who Big Mac Lemur is either.

  9. It is not possible for the left to reach the “peak of stupidity”. They have tapped into “infinity dumb drive”. It means when they flipped the switch they now occupy every point of dumb in universe- at-the-same-time. It’s as if they have been deified, but deified as the god of dumb. They make a drunken Dionysus and his an honors collage Econ Prof and his Meanads as his serious students. For example 1. Hillary should have won because she is a women and it’s time for a female POTUS AND there is no difference between a male and female WHILE gender is a social construct because Caitlin Jenner, who won meddles in the Olympics competing as a man and who has fathered children with another woman has always been a woman. It gets worse- but more simplified: Violence is Peace, you are free to scream over and shut down other’s people’s speech because of the freedom of speech just like you are free to mock Christianity & Judaism but not Islam. And now, in the name of fighting fascism it is right and proper to stab someone because of their hair cut.

    With the “infinity Dumb Drive” the left hopes to win back complete control over the state. Sadly, as they now occupy every dumb point in the universe they are too dumb to realize the magnitude of the level of stupidity they have achieved. It’s as if they have reach absolute dumb and then went farther down the dumb scale.

    As this is uncharted levels of dumb no one knows where it is going to end. All we can tell it it is not going to be good. And by that I mean Hank Johnson expressing concerns that Guam will capsize because of there being too much military presence will now be recognized as “one of the smart ones”.

  10. Looks like a military style haircut any Drill Sergeant or First Sergeant would approve. I wore similar for 20+ years, and in all that time me and my hair never felt the need to be a Nazi, a socialist, a white supremacist, a fascist, or to want to go around oppressing anyone. And we still don’t, after being retired for (too many) years.
    I feel sorry for these dumb shits when (not if—when) they attack a GI for his haircut. The dumb shits may get in the fist blow on surprise alone. After that, it’s Game On! BFYTW!

  11. She Actaully Just Turned Someone in For A Haircut ?
    How Does This Differ From the Nazi Doctrine of” Turning in ” Your Neighbor Because Of His Race !!!

  12. Macklemore has always been a witless little pansy. He has consistently been inconsistent so long as he’s always viewed favorably by the extreme left. Remember his idiotic song promoting homosexual marriage? His twitter feed before that [and before it was scrubbed] was full of a bunch of gay slurs and jokes. He’s a pathetic little toad, and his hair cut is g a y looking in the first place. [just a little macklemore humor there.] ;b

  13. There is no ‘peak stupid’ in Stupidville USA. The Left are too stupid (and hysterical) to even know how stupid they are.

    The asshole looks like a nazi, because he THINKS like a nazi, it has nothing to do with his haircut. Look at HIM. His face, his attitude, it’s written all over his ugly mug.

  14. I’m not shy, I have some nice Korean ladies in a hair salon give me a #2/3 on the sides and tell them to leave me 3″ on top.

    If you think I’m a nazi after that, I’ve a glock you can speak to.

  15. Do I worry? I have a 2 in back up to the occipital, a scissor equivelent of a 2 above the ears, and gradation of 1 ” to 3 ” from crown to a 11/2 ” top with 4 ” bangs during pool season. Ha, ha!

  16. They long ago spilled over the banks of rational thought. Stupidity is an infinite playground to these morons.

  17. if your haircut defines your beliefs, what about bald men, they don’t get to cut their hair ?
    do they not have any beliefs because they have no hair ?

    no “news” anymore on the “news” about the russian collusion investigation that was on every “news” show for months, but we have “news” on men’s haircuts defining their beliefs.

    what a freak show the country has become.

  18. I worry a bit about my sons for their hair style.

    It doesn’t define them, but OTHERS may define them because of it.

    My hair loss was a bit slower than theirs. How I looked at 40 – they looked at 25. Balding in front.

    So they have all been shaving their heads since their early 20s.

    Add that to our obviously Germanic look/bone-structure and mistaking them for skinheads is easy. #1 son being a cop doesn’t make it any better.

    These days, I definitely worry about him being attacked for being a cop. Add the shaved head and Germanic looks and it kicks up a notch or two.

  19. “Has the left reached peak stupidity yet?”

    Have they fossilized into rocks yet?

    Then no, they haven’t.

    They probably need a little help getting there. Any volunteers?

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