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Have Gun Will Carry

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Twice the number of Americans were carrying handguns daily in 2019 compared to 2015, according to a new study published this month. 

Around 6,000 gun owners carried handguns every day in 2019, up from 3,000 in 2015, according to a study from the American Journal of Public Health published on Nov. 16.

The number of respondents to the online survey who said they had carried a gun in the last month also nearly doubled from 9 million to 16 million in 2015.

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  1. Note that the numbers reported are from three years ago: specifically the increase from 2015 to 2019.

    And they’re still absurdly low!

    I think 6,000 daily carriers might be about right for a typical Florida county.

  2. I would never respond to an online survey… especially about mean nasty-bad guns. EWWW! ICKY!

  3. In an effort to convince fellow conservatives to carry I disclose I carry here. And here’s about where it ends. If some jack ass called me up and asked me if I carried the answer would be, carried what?
    For about the last two years there’s been a lot of people that have traditionally carried to continue to do so, but not renew their permits. Why have your name on THE list. My opinion is the LIST captures ownership not necessarily CCWs.
    You also have the crowd that is of the correct opinion that the second amendment is their ccw. They sure as hell are not answering yes.
    So is that number understated. I’m thinking by at least 50%.

  4. I’m in MO. We don’t have CCWs… but we DO, but we don’t need them… unless we want to open carry in certain municipalities. That’s all a funny way of saying we don’t need CCWs.

  5. @Erik — Let’s see if I understand that: In certain MO municipalities you need a concealed carry permit to open carry?

    I’d say some MO city politicians have been smoking too much of the strong stuff.

  6. Brad NOVEMBER 27, 2022 AT 10:55 PM

    And then there’s Illinois with a number of new laws against the gun owner and in January one in favor of the criminal No Bail and back on the street. Believe in Shitcago we’re up to 51 murders by criminals out on bail (so far this year) before the new law goes into effect.

  7. Yes, Uncle AL. That’s how retarded the shit is. I’m not required to have a CCW to conceal carry anywhere in the state. But I AM REQUIRED to have a CCW to open carry in certain places in the state.

  8. MO legalized weed. We will see how the shit hits the fan in the coming years. The plain fact is the smokers have always smoked… and nobody gives a fuck… but will MO be plagued with MORE welfare scum? Probably.

  9. Anymouse

    And that’s an excellent point. As we all know, your rights to protect yourself and your family originate from God, not man. So if you live in one of these types of areas where the Libs seem to want you dead and your women raped, strap up, and learn how to use it. The threat is real.

  10. I GUARANTEE that number is off by at least an order of magnitude. Odds are several hundred thousand people..or MORE…carry every day. It’s just that most won’t admit that to some pesky nosy poll taker.

  11. I plan to buy a revolver.
    Small, personal carry.
    I’ve never owned a 5-6 shooter and really want one.
    Any suggestions?

    *since biden* thinks he can ban semi-automatics I’ll be ahead of the game, right?

  12. LocoBlancoSaltine,
    5 shot Taurus Model 85 in .38 Spl. or Model 605 in .357 Magnum.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  13. I know more people that do carry than do not here in KY. We’re constitutional carry, open or concealed, most conceal.

  14. ME, for all its faults is a constitutional carry state. Our state Constitution also plainly says we all have the right to have firearms and no one will remove them.

    The publishers of this so-called survey can’t really believe they got everyone who carries to tell.

  15. My guns all fell into a lake orbI pawned them to the Dwarves, I can’t remember which.

    Either way, no guns here, Mr. Survey the Government may find useful. None at all.

  16. The survey is low, …. that’s why they call it concealed carry.
    Ya just never know.

    Ohio is a Constitutional carry State, Open and concealed.
    No CCW required.

  17. @LBS,
    I carry a nickle Smith model 37 hammerless, airweight. Comfortable and lightweight.

  18. Loco: Ruger GP100 7 shot .357 mag. It’s a wee bit heavy and slightly bulky but the percussion alone will knock a fucker over

  19. Eugenia….Palmetto state armory has similar deals and they have been very good with me….

  20. Eugenia/Willy

    I would add Primary Arms to that list too. Especially for optics. That link is ridiculously cheap though.

  21. Brad….the ridiculously cheap thing is what triggers me….I got my optics from Palmetto…Thanks for the tip on Primary Arms…..BTW When is the Brad model AR gonna be available?….

  22. “the ridiculously cheap thing is what triggers me”

    Dad use to say, if it sounds to good to be true, it usually is. Probably worth checking out just in case.

    The ARs are taking a back seat to the Military stuff for a while. They’ve got us overloaded. They were placing PO’s on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Literally unheard of. Wondering how much of this is going to the Uke?

  23. Loco – Three revolvers that seems to get a lot of positive reviews are the S&W Bodyguard, the S&W 642 and the Ruger LCR. I watch a lot of firearm videos and those three pocket revolvers always seem to come up a lot on related videos while perusing YT. Just do some research with all the suggestions you’ll get and go from there.

  24. Thanks for the suggestions Tim, Cracker, wee willy, & CJ.
    A new gun is all I want for Christmas…

    Oh and for fauci to drop dead of natural causes

  25. CJ….thanks for the tip. I don’t need another wheel gun just like I don’t need another puppy….Both will be here by Christmas!…and the puppy will be named Ruger…

  26. You’re welcome, Willy. I too love my wheel guns, but there are three I really want but the prices are insane – Korth Combat .357, Manhurin MR73 and the Anderson Wheeler Webley, 7-shot, .357. Can only dream.


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