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The Truth Is Out There


When you accept the terms “disinformation”, “misinformation” or the newest lingo, “malinformation,” you are beginning to categorize truth and lies in various shades.  You are merging black and white, right and wrong, into various shades of grey.

When your mind works in the grey zone, you are, by direct and factual consequence, saying there is a problem.  You are correct; however, this is where people may make a mistake. The problem is supposed to be there. More

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  1. Those are weasel words.
    I’ve been saying for a while whenever that comes up it’s either true or a lie, fact or fiction.

  2. “…”There is no such thing as “disinformation” or “misinformation”. There is only information you accept and information you do not accept. You were not born with a requirement to believe everything you are told; rather, you were born with a brain that allows you to process the information you receive and make independent decisions.”… ”

    That’s a lot of typing to get to the obvious.

  3. Toenex

    And if it’s factual it becomes Documented Information per ISO 9015. LOL

  4. What category does the state run Canadian Broadcasting Corporation(CBC) fall into?

    HQ in Toronto, walking distance From Dominion voting sys’s office.


  5. @Brad
    We need a dictionary that lists all the words that the communist/left have butchered. Like our democracy, gay, common sense gun laws, my body my choice unless we make you take a clot shot and sustainability, and so on.

  6. Yeah, but you got your obfuscation, lying by omission, little white lies, exaggeration, plagiarism, and just plain everyday bullshit. Covers a lot of territory.

  7. Watch this Raindrop
    You should watch the whole thing
    Do not stare up in the Sky

    This is a little freaky
    The Burglers 1971
    50 Years and a little Time

  8. “If I say a thing that I know is not perfect truth; it is a flat perjury.”
    (“The Whole Duty of Man,” Anonymous, AD 1536)

    As Satan is the Father of All Lies, those who lie (whether through omission, little, white, exaggeration, plagiarism, dissimulation, deflection, or bullshit) are Satan’s children.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  9. I strongly dislike those words. As others have said, they’re complete bulloney.

  10. I heard a TV talking head once say: “That wasn’t a lie; that was spin.”
    No. It was a lie. “Spin” is another word for lie.

    If we obfuscate, obscure, hide our meaning, distract, or dissimulate – we are LYING.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  11. Misinformation A Vicious Tool to Control Our lives and kill the First Amendment is a short video by Orthodox priest Father Josiah Trenham. Got 10 minutes and 28 seconds to spare?

  12. disinformation & misinformation are the new terms for “conspiracy” to make you question your judgement/opinion

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