Have you ever heard of such a thing?

ventriloquist album cover

I had no idea there were ventriloquist albums. 

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  1. It appears that “The Miracle at My House” is a demented 7-year old with a knitting needle and an RPG!

  2. That’s just the thing I needed to get my musical career started. I’m going out to the farmer’s market to find a little creepy fucking wooden dude.

  3. Shaunqueefus….you might want to start out slowly and first use your favorite sock puppet…

  4. Where can I get a copy? It will go great with my American Sign Language Instructional LP!!!

  5. willysgoatgruff, you think I can have have street-ceds with a sock puppet?

    I’ll give it a shot.

  6. Eleanor says, “Except for Howdy Doody, those are all from Helen Keller’s record collection.”

  7. Shauqueefus….Yeah, I think you’ll get the street creds…just think of the audience that your playing to…

  8. FDR, you actually had the balls to comment on their thread. You claim the ventriloquists are all in Hell?
    That’s harsh, man, really harsh. 🙂

  9. I’m writing this rap called, “Junebug Broke My Crack Pipe”. It’s, so far, in iambic pentameter (with a few splashes of trochaic tetrameter) and some blank verse. I’m going to be the hero (the guy who got his pipe broke by Junebug) and I’m going to tell the story through rap battles between and amongst me, Junebug, the Police, and some innocent bystanders who don’t survive. Junebug will be the puppet. Or is it muppet? I don’t want to offend proper puppet/muppet engineers.

  10. My magic trick, performed over the radio, and recorded on cassette
    tape, (available on Ebay), is levitation.

  11. I can fart silently. It’s in the Library of Congress on a 78 rpm pressing. It’s VOX, catalogue # 102. There’s a lot of transients on the recording… but if you listen on a hi-fi it’s really spectacular.

  12. Be sure to set your hi-fi for MONO. You can use the LOUDNESS toggle. You have to leave the Dolby toggle “off”, though.

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