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I Think You Have the Wrong Idea

WarriorTalkRadio: Sometimes its still hard for me to understand why so many seemingly sentient human beings from all parts of the world have the audacity and sheer gall to come to a country they profess to hate, burn our flag and curse our way of life, and still hold their hand out and demand that it be filled by we Americans. The fact that they can scream foul and actually expect the rest of the world to sympathize with them when it is not filled quickly enough is just unfathomable at times.

I know I am being naïve and disregarding the plethora of born Americans, who feel they have a right to live a life of sloth and then expect working people in this country to share that which they slaved to obtain, but when you haven’t even sacrificed a single moment for the welfare of this nation, and the people whom you now demand, of; when you’ve never even breathed a single breath in this country, or bent over to pick up a piece of trash from the ground or volunteered to fight a fire here; when you just show up and somehow have the sense that you have the right to discredit, dishonor and criticize us, all the while demanding that we cater to your every whim, it just leaves, one with common sense, shaking his head.  MORE

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  1. The ending is the best:

    “You [anti-Americans/illegals] should really stay at home if you can’t figure out how to behave like a human being, and also, some folks here take offense at you burning the flag and just might kick your little whiny cowardly ass for it.”

  2. The US is a dumping ground for the entire World’s trash humanity now. It’s ridiculous to appeal to their sense of shame because 90% of them have none. They take advantage of our government’s stupidity because they can. They laugh at our stupidity because they think it’s funny that we’re so stupid. Many of them, where they come from, would be killed for the behavior they get rewarded for here. So, of course, they think the US is a joke, because our government is a joke, not only to tolerate this shit, but actually engineer and promote it.

  3. If we can ask nothing more from you ingrates, can you at least stop littering? I know that it isn’t Americans throwing shit everywhere as we had that anti-littering message pounded into our heads by that fake Indian in the 1960s and 70s. No. Not Elizabeth Warren. The other fake Indian with the tears rolling down his face. Iron Eyes Cody, who was actually an Italian.

  4. Well, Europe is just as foolish. I’m of German descent and it pains me to see what is going on there. Unfortunately for us, is that we have this great land mass and these unwashed masses disperse amongst us. We are now infected with a vile disease. I remember my “liberal arts” professors trying to teach me to hate my own country but it didn’t stick. Make America Great Again, before it’s too late…

  5. Rats have no shame.
    Cockroaches have no shame.
    Ticks have no shame.
    Fleas have no shame.
    Tapeworms have no shame.
    Chiggers – uhh, sorry – Chegroes have no shame.

    I’m starting to see a pattern …

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. Tim,
    You left out “sand chiggers” have no shame.

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