He Looks Guilty— Biden Refuses to Answer Questions About His Involvement Authorizing FBI Raid of President Trump’s Home – IOTW Report

He Looks Guilty— Biden Refuses to Answer Questions About His Involvement Authorizing FBI Raid of President Trump’s Home

CTH: Appearing to be medicated, today Joe Biden repeatedly refused to answer questions about his involvement in the FBI raid of President Trump’s home in Florida.

There is no way the FBI would conduct a raid on former President Donald Trump without involvement from the White House. more

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  1. but they were particularly funny tonight. Especially that Paul Balgalla (sp?) . . and is that a witch over on msnbc? Alicia something or other. uber-creepy. Worth recording for future Duck Duck re-views.

  2. Garland is there to protect Biden.
    I suspect that this will backfire causing the Democrats to dig their own grave.
    The stupid FBI is hoist by their own petard.
    It is serious time to clean house and drain the swamp.

  3. I don’t think Ol’ Joe knew anything about it. His handlers know full well that if he DID know about it, he probably would have blabbed all about it, so like on everything else they kept him in the dark.

  4. There’s no way that this wasn’t approved at the highest level. If Biden were in charge it would have to be approved by him. As it is, it was approved by whoever is in charge of the teleprompter.

  5. The next time the press is with Biden they need to ask, “Why didn’t the FBI and Merrick Garland tell you that they were raiding Trump’s house in Florida? Does this mean that the DOJ is doing things without your approval?”

    I don’t think he can answer that without making himself look really bad (either a liar or out of touch with his staff).

  6. Biden, and whomever pulls his strings from the back because he has no front to speak of, are all serial liars who can’t make it through life without the blatant dishonesty they were born into and what has become their end-of-life lot. There is no ‘justice’ since the nation has laws which protects these dark shadow shape-shifting men and the non-intelligent women who cling to them like vulgar leeches. Fact is they have one fear—exposure. Expose them publicly, in open places, online, via media etc, and the destroyers will be destroyed. Just as seen with Biden and the democrats’ laughable last minute book report that’s titled ‘Inflation Increase’, this raid on a former American president is their one last ditch comical attempt to hold onto their pricey wigs and toupess, paid with corruption and subterfuge. Expose them all, and vigorously.

  7. Look at the Pedophlic dipshit shuffle along, decrepit old bastard has one foot in the grave.

    The despicable sack of shit has no clue what is happening, Susan Rice is President at the direction of ValJar.

    The Kenyan Queer was just as big a cardboard cutout as Dementia Joe. Just more clean and articulate. He was storybook man. He never made a single decision either.

    The Pedo is actively dying now from natural causes. Dementia eats your brain and your body begins to short circuit as your muscles and organs stop receiving the proper signals to function.

    Look at his constant goofy grin, and how he opens his hands begging for someone to guide him. He has no clue.

    Only the million dollar meds are keeping this walking corpse animated.

    Soon even the million dollar interventions will fail. I give him 6 months if the cabal doesn’t off him first to advance the cause

    Then we have rhe cackling commie cunt as cardboard resident.

  8. Forget about Biden. Replace him and someone else takes his place. We’ve been conditioned to direct out ire towards him. Yeah, they’ve given us way more than just 2 minutes of hate, but it’s been designed to keep us focused in the wrong direction.

    We’ve allowed this to happen. Oh, not just us, those that came before us too. Every time they asked for an inch we gave them a mile. Eventually they quit asking. They haven’t represented us for a long, long time. They are in it for themselves. We allowed it happen.

    Here’s our future. I believe this fully. Evidence will be found as a result of the raid on Mar-A-Lago. Probably planted, but it makes no difference whether it was or wasn’t. Trump will be neutered. Whether that’s by way of arrest, a trial, or a fine, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter because he will by law, not be allowed to run in 2024. Get used to it.

    Who, of the same caliber, will step up to the plate to take his place? Who will be willing to undergo the same treatment? Nobody in their right mind.

    The coup has played out before our eyes.

    Words – my words, your words, your congressperson’s words, anybody’s words, are not going to make one iota of difference.

  9. Take note of the fact, which Joe Biden is trying to hide, that those illegal teenagers he had “imported” from the southern border are being forced into prostitution and forced seks servitude for the elitites to show their “gratitude” to Joe Biden and the human taffickers they’re indebted to and must pay.

  10. @mystaclean

    By the constitutional requirements a felon in prison can run for president as long as all citizenship and age requirements are met. (it has happened before)I voted for Trump the first time and liked most of his policies and results. After the 2020 election was lost/stolen and nothing was going to change he stomped around like a mad 3 year old and poisoned the well for the senate runoff elections in GA and now we have the Inflation Reduction Act. That being said the FBI raid was a disgrace, and I would vote for Trump again as I think he would be the most likely candidate to do anything about the un-elected three letter organizations running roughshod over our rights. (Not totally related) There are not enough Billionaires for 85,000 new IRS agents to go after; do you think you will be left alone?


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