Help the Afflicted By Letting Them Know They Are Afflicted

The first step is admitting that you’re sick.

7 Comments on Help the Afflicted By Letting Them Know They Are Afflicted

  1. Not easy, telling someone they’re severely mentally ill, or that they need to see a doctor about anti-psychotic medication. If anyone has any ideas please let me know, ’cause I have a neighbor that should be hospitalized.

  2. Meyou, it is damn near impossible any more. We have gotten so bogged down in protocols, liabilities and rights. Mentally ill cannot be forced to take meds because they know have the right to experience their disease if they so choose. Homeless cannot be forced to a shelter. The only time anyone can intervene is if they harm someone else…. and then they can plea bargain based on it being the disease, not them. We’ve painted ourselves into a corner.

  3. And 9/11 has already been forgotten for another year. It went so fast I wasn’t able to post this; Remember when Trump said muslims were dancing in NY and they called him a liar?

  4. Where do I get one of those TDS ribbons? I’d love to wear one saying, “I Support TDS”. And then let people think about that………. hehehe.

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