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Herman Cain Withdraws Name For Fed Reserve

Yesterday Herman Cain asked the President to withdraw his name for a seat on the Federal Reserve Board.

According to Mr. Cain, his decision was based on simple economics, he would’ve had to of taken a major cut in salary to take the job. Here

Tucker Carlson has accused Gloria Allred and an accuser of black mailing him to withdraw his nomination. The notorious scandal lawyer claimed to have a client willing to testify as to the particulars of Cain’s privates before members of the Senate. Here


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  1. If that were true Cain could have done the American people a huge favor by recording the conversation, biting the bullet and playing to the press then launch a complaint against Allred. Her license to practice law would be revoked and one more cancer on society would be gone.

  2. I always thought blackmail and/or extortion were crimes. Maybe that was in a different era, when it hadn’t become a routine method of conducting politics or business.

  3. I saw Gloria Allred doing a donkey show in Juarez back in 1986. I can prove it by describing her genitals. Her snatch looked like mule lips slurping up baloney slices covered in mayo. It’s all true. If she denies it then she should prove her innocence by showing us her puss. If she won’t prove it, she is lying.

    How is that any different than her blackmail?


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