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Most Illegals Are Burden On U.S. Taxpayers

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“We’re talking about billions of dollars in taxpayer benefits over the next few years,” said Dan Stein, director of the right-leaning think tank, Federation for American Immigration Reform. “The payout for the taxpayer is enormous and income to the Treasury is miniscule.”

A FAIR study in 2017 found illegal immigrants are a net consumer of taxpayer benefits worth more than $100 billion a year, not including the cost of enforcing the border. More

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  1. Well duh!

    If they weren’t expected, by high priced international accountants, to pull less money from the Chamber of Commerce club members, than the drones already in place, there’d be no point in paying the expenses of importing them.

    (And, since taxes, like laws, are for the drones, that’s not the Chamber of Commerce club members’ problem.)

  2. So get rid of the welfare and get rid of the immigrants.

    Maybe they wouldn’t be having so many “anchor babies” if they knew they had to raise them by themselves instead of having taxpayers pay for it.

  3. Most POLITICIANS Are Burden On U.S. Taxpayers
    Most LAWYERS Are Burden On U.S. Taxpayers
    Most LIBERALS Are Burden On U.S. Taxpayers
    Most MILLENIALS Are Burden On U.S. Taxpayers
    Most SO-CALLED “ACADEMICS” Are Burden On U.S. Taxpayers
    Most PEOPLE OF COLOR Are Burden On U.S. Taxpayers
    Most GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES Are Burden On U.S. Taxpayers
    Most ENVIRONMENTALISTS Are Burden On U.S. Taxpayers
    Most “GREEN ENERGY” HUCKSTERS Are Burden On U.S. Taxpayers

    you could do this for days….

  4. Not only are illegals a burden to taxpayers (duh!), the greatest threat to the freedom of Americans is the Federal Government, which I must add, refuses to secure our borders.

  5. I figure that costs me at least $1400/year in taxes assuming there are 200 million taxpayers. Math is flawed but is $1400 more than I want to pony up for theses fence jumpers.

  6. The reality is that an Open Border agenda is what is REALLY happening.

    AMERICA BETRAYED – Giant GAP In US Border Fence
    West Of Yuma – And The Feds Don’t Know? Trump Does
    NOTHING And Millions Are Heading To A Free Life Here
    By Roger
    This is a video I made about the big 13-mile GAP in the fence just west of Yuma. This is a hot spot for the crossing of FAKE REFUGEES, where they just have a short walk from a Mexican highway to what they see as the good life at the expense of American taxpayers and to occupy land that many of them see as their own territory as fake indigenous peoples.

    I know there are even much BIGGER gaps in the fence in Southern Arizona but can only cover one small part at a time.

    Huge Gap In Border Fence Near Yuma, AZ – April, 2019

  7. The US is being overrun by illegals being allowed into the country. Traitors control our country and they are successfully destroying it.

    1600 Migrants Released in One New Mexico City over 10 Days
    BOB PRICE 22 Apr 2019
    “Officials in Las Cruces, New Mexico, reported on Monday that Border Patrol agents released nearly 1,600 migrants in their community over a 10-day period. The City was forced to spend about $75,000 for humanitarian assistance.”
    Officials said that Border Patrol agents dropped off 105 “asylum seekers” on Saturday to a local high school. Agents dropped off another 56 on Sunday morning, KVIA ABC7 reported Monday morning.

    Border Patrol officials began releasing migrants apprehended in the El Paso Sector on April 12, the El Paso ABC affiliate reported. The releases come as the sector reached the breaking point with thousands of Central American migrant families crossing the border illegally in West Texas and the New Mexico boot heel.

  8. America has a big problem with the “legal” invaders being brought in by nefarious, greedy charitable organizations working at bringing America down, too.

    Taxpayer-Funded Refugee Resettlement Creates Gang Warfare Crisis in the Heartland
    This human trafficking operation, commonly referred to as the refugee resettlement program, is turning America into the third-world hellscape.
    Published 7 hours ago on Apr 23, 2019 By Shane Trejo

    “The World-Herald noted that Omaha became a popular relocation spot for Sudanese refugees around 20 years ago. Funded by taxpayer money, these refugees are funneled into the United States through a welfare scheme with not-for-profit organizations receiving the loot.

    Organizations like Church World Services, Catholic Charities, Lutheran Social Services, Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, the National Association of Evangelicals’ World Relief Corp, and other nominally private religious organizations have soaked up tens of millions in federal funds for many years to resettle so-called refugees into unsuspecting communities.
    These refugees are forming voting blocs and already impacting public policy. Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) has a third-world constituency that cheers on her incendiary anti-Semitic remarks, and she will be a mainstay in Congress because of refugee resettlement.
    Omaha may be the sight of America’s next terror haven as sub-Saharan invaders bring crime and disease directly into the Heartland.”

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