He’s available ladies

Man with the world’s biggest penis

ht/ boobie the rocket dog

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  1. Jeezlus! Isn’t there some kind of government program that can save this fella? I’m fairly certain we burned through $30M researching this at some point.

  2. This reminds me of a dirty limerick. What…of course I’ll share it:

    A well-endowed fellow called Dannv
    The size of whose prick was uncanny,
    Made his wife, the poor dear,
    Take it into her ear,
    And it came out the hole in her fanny.

  3. So we finally found a bigger dick than Obama then?
    Surely you jest! There is no bigger dick than Barry. That science is settled.

  4. He just needs to contact Yeb so he can perform an “act of love”! Alas, poor Roberto was already deported to Mexico in 2011 by that mean ol’ presidente… oh yeah Obongo was presidente in 2011… oops! And now sadly, the Messican Gubbermint won’t even send he a check every month for being, you know “disabled”!!!
    I feel so sorry for him, don’t ya’ll?

  5. They don’t make catheters for something that long.
    Wait, there’s air-conditioner drain tubing.
    Never mind.

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