This Man is the New World Record Holder



What’s His Record?

1- Mowed the most square footage in one minute with a hand mower

2- Juggled 5 water balloons for the longest time without breaking one

3- Played the longest sustained note on a saxophone

4- Grew the longest known armpit hair

5- Swallowed the most live crickets in 30 seconds

6- Read 1 inch high type from the longest distance away

7- The longest sustained sound made by passing gas

8 – Has the world’s biggest penis

9 – Made the longest bowled strike (on a linoleum surface)

10  Passed the largest recorded kidney stone (passed through the urethra)

See how he captured a record HERE



17 Comments on This Man is the New World Record Holder

  1. how his last sexual encounter went

    He drops his pant’s

    she screams in horror “you said you were hung like a baby!”

    he “I am it’s 18 inches 8 pounds 4 ounces”

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