AWD: I wish these damn liberals would make up their minds! Is there zero difference between men and women or not? Or is there not any difference between men with penises who believe they’re women or women with tingly parts who want to pretend they have a big ol’ man thing? It’s so damn confusing keeping up with all this sh*t, AWD has about worked himself into a little ol’ tizzy!

I might just need to take me a nice soothing lavender-scented bubble bath to center my chi in the warm confines of the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader dressing room. No, I don’t identify as a woman unless it’s a woman with a big ol’ man thing. But I would identify as a woman if it will get me in a room with a bunch of nekkid Cowboy cheerleaders. Don’t you oppress me, you haters!

Where’s all this menstrual period leave nonsense coming from? Well, I’ll give you three guesses and the first two don’t count because you’d say San Francisco and Nueva Jork. No, it’s Italy. I crap you negative. Just what those lazy little fuzz balls need…more time off of work! No working sorry bastids!

Leave it up to those little fuzzy foreigners over in Europastan to come up with something so damn ridiculous as giving fillies time off for bleeding! Next thing they’ll want is a national holiday for moisturizing. Like they have in San Francisco.  MORE


  1. Stupid confused feminists! Want to be treated as equals, but also want to declare themselves ‘disabled’ once a month! Next they will be claiming handicap parking and disability status to allow them boarding planes first, and etc? How about SSI?

    Stupid pink hat idiots. Their female ancestors turning in their graves, are what is causing earthquakes even in OK, KY, and the rest of the USA. As an old lady, I just shake my head at their idiocy. Typical liberal.

  2. Years ago a female obstetrician was pulled over for possibly being DUI. She threatened to kill the state trooper who arrested her. At her trial she said she was not guilty for threatening the officer because she was suffering from PMS. She got off.

    I always wondered how a woman patient of that doctors, about to give birth, was told, “Oh she will be here in a little while. She had to stop and get some tampons.”

    Mighty confidence instilling.

  3. As someone who suffers from extraordinarily bad PMS [cramps, nausea, horrible headaches, digestive issues, you name it, I apparently am ‘blessed’ enough to get it up to THREE days before and during my period], so I can understand and sympathize with woman who need to take time off for it sometimes, I know that I do.

    However, I do agree with you that the hypocrisy and victimization is gross and needs to stop. [‘IT’S TIME TO S T O P’]

  4. Otherwise known as “sick days”. I’m allowed 5 a year, still get paid. These are in addition to the paid vacation days. Wow, women could use their sick and vacation days for those really bad times. Who’d a thunk it? I’m very thankful for a good company that doesn’t need legislation to treat it’s employees right.

  5. @Chuffed (I like that word too along with some other British ones like “gutted” and “gobsmacked”) – I’m a guy so I have no personal experience, but I also do a lot of research on vitamins / minerals. I’ve read a good many anecdotal reports saying that the ones listed in these articles help.


    The link above lists vitamin A (which is needed to produce keratin (hair, skin and nails) but others also list vitamin C (required to produce collagen which makes the skin and organs stronger).


    Recent research indicates that turmeric also has some pretty potent anti-cancer properties as well as other benefits.

    Don’t know if you’re interested in vitamins, but thought it might be worth mentioning.

    And Puritan’s Pride (which I use for much of what I take) has their buy 1, get 2 free sale on right now as well.

  6. @Bubba’s Brother
    Thanks for the help, I HAVE started taking a multivitamin, and some essential oils in capsules as a way to help combat it, but I could look into taking more vitamins, so I’ll definitely look @ what you posted.

    It also might be an hereditary thing, from my dads side, the only problem is anyone I could ask is dead [his mother died @ 50 back in ’78, and his father died 8 years ago]. I don’t know anyone on his side either, so I’m a tad stuck there. [OKAY, I’VE SHARED ENOUGH PERSONAL STUFF. I’m gettin’ embarrassed. ;b]

  7. Not trying to push anything on you Chuffed, but thought I’d give you a link to the women’s version of the multivitamin that I take. It is much higher quality than most anything you’ll find retail and contains enough of the B vitamins such that a separate B complex supplement isn’t needed. The amounts for each nutrient shown on the label is for 2 caplets daily (most one-a-day type vitamins don’t provide anywhere near the variety or amounts of nutrients – any really good quality multi will require at least 2 pills daily). These also have a blend of several herbal ingredients in each pill which most multis don’t have.


    And I have no financial interest in Puritan’s Pride – I have just bought from them for many years and think they are high quality and inexpensive (for what you get).

  8. I am waiting for the PMS reparations bandwagon.
    I was forced to go to school and work and whatever else while “suffering” through my period from age 11 until age 54.
    I finally have stopped with the monthlies, but I am still traumatized by the memories.
    Doing the math, I suffered for 516 months. I want my period back-pay, as well as retro $$ for all the feminine products I purchased with my own money. C’mon Big Daddy Gubmint, take care of me!!

  9. I’ve been around a few women in my more than a half century here. Also been privileged for quite a few of them to count me as a friend, some as a lover, and two as a husband.

    All of which have caused me to give thanks I am male.

    For several reasons but I’ll stay on topic.

    I’ve never seen two females that experience menstruation the same. Slight inconvenience to damn near unable to function. And none of these women were flighty, self indulgent flakes.

    Bless you all ladies. I would that you didn’t have to undergo what transpires with this.

  10. Let em stay the fuck home.
    Won’t fuck anything up for a couple of days – don’t have to listen to they whining and moaning about their “victimhood” or how powerful femiNazism is.
    Don’t have to do their work for them while they sit in the corner and accuse you of being part of the “patriarchy.”
    The boss doesn’t have to make up any stupid excuses for their overall worthlessness.
    No caterwauling about “sexual harassment” because somebody said “that’s a bitch.”
    Boss doesn’t have to find 8 hours of pretend work to make em look busy – “Here, count the nails in this box … and see if it really does contain 5 lbs.”
    Don’t have to listen to the argument about which way East is, and whether the Sun actually rises in that direction, or not.

    izlamo delenda est …

  11. When females were breaking down barriers to females getting into men’s jobs, the women insisted they were entirely equal and nothing would stop them. Males brought up the monthly issue and feminists ridiculed them. The world was assured the monthly issue was way not an issue. So, are these women going to roll the clock back?

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