High School Football Coach With 1-6 Record Fired For Stealing From Players’ Lockers

Illegal procedure.


A New Mexico football coach has been fired and faces criminal charges after authorities said a student used a cellphone video to capture the coach on video taking money from a player’s wallet. State Police arrested Miyamura High School coach John Roanhaus on Saturday following a review of the footage showing Roanhaus going into the school’s locker room and taking $40 from the wallet, court documents said. According to an arrest warrant, a police officer was contacted by a student’s mother who showed the officer the cellphone video, reports the AP.

The video showed Roanhaus walking into the school’s locker area, taking two $20 bills from a black wallet and stuffing the money in his sock, Officer Nathaniel Renteria wrote in the arrest warrant.

Roanhaus had been the head football coach at the high school in the small, New Mexico western city of Gallup since 2018. He is the youngest son of New Mexico Hall of Fame coach Eric Roanhaus, who retired in 2016 as head football coach at Clovis High School after recording 343 wins, the most in state history. The mother told Renteria it wasn’t the first time that players had experienced thefts in the locker room.


14 Comments on High School Football Coach With 1-6 Record Fired For Stealing From Players’ Lockers

  1. A $40.00 theft, by a high school coach, (which is reprehensible), has been captured on video and is likely to be prosecuted and spread across the entire web.

    Can you imagine if democratic corruption was treated the same?

  2. Duh ahh , Coach, you forgot the 9mm you told me to use on your wife,,,
    Sorry, I got stoned ,,,
    Keep the money.

  3. If he hadn’t been caught the jerk would have let others be held under suspicion and probably played it for all it’s worth. What a frikkin scumbag.

  4. “Registered Democrat”

    In the movie, he’ll have a MAGA hat and steal only from the black and brown players.

  5. Wow, he sounds as douchey as the football coaches at my high school 40 years ago. They rarely won any games. One lusted after the cheerleaders. And one lusted after the players.

  6. Youngest son of a famed head coach who got him a job to get him off drugs but 40 bucks gets him high and no one would suspect him so what the hell, steal the kid’s money, is my guess.


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