Royal Pains


Sweden’s king has removed five of his grandchildren from the royal house. The decision by King Carl XVI Gustaf means the children no longer have the title of royal highness and are not expected to perform official royal duties.

They will remain members of the royal family and retain their titles of dukes and duchesses.

The change has not affected the king’s two grandchildren who are in direct line to the throne.

Observers say the move reflects a wider view that there is no need to pay so many members of the royal family for official duties. More

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  1. @Supernightshade:
    “WTF is a “Royal Duty”?

    It’s what the king leaves behind in the toilet.

  2. …it’s weird thad Sweden would have Socialism AND Monarchy. socialists, including the vaunted Swedish kind…

    “X. Neither shalt thou desire thy neighbor’s wife, neither shalt thou covet thy neighbor’s house, his field, or his manservant, or his maidservant, his ox, or his ass, or any thing that is thy neighbor’s.”

    -EXODUS, Chapter 20


    “The Tenth Commandment sends a message to socialists, to collectivists, to people who believe that wealth is best obtained by redistribution, and that message is clear and concise: Go to hell! It’s as simple as that.”

    PJ O’Rourke

  3. “Observers say the move reflects a wider view that there is no need to pay so many members of the royal family…”

    …when there are so many refugees to pay.

    I’m no big fan of subsidizing royals, but dammit, Sweden, priorities, please.

  4. @Jimmy:

    What does the King of Sweden even do? Stand around and count Muslims raping Swedish women?

    I betcha he spends at least some of his time wishing he were in, oh, maybe Norway?

  5. …This is my original frame of reference on the weirdness of the King of Sweden. It’s from 1996, but still holds up…

    “This was the Disney of the original Disneyland. Gamala Stan had the same labored cuteness, preturnatural tidiness, and inexhaustible supply of courtesy from its denizens. I half-expected to turn around and see someone dressed like Donald Duck. Instead, I saw someone dressed like the king of Sweden. Which, in fact, he was. King Carl XVI Gustav was riding, in a gilded coach-and-four with footmen in knee breeches holding on behind, right down the middle of the street in a country renowned the world over for its utter egalitarianism.”

    P.J. O’Rourke, “Eat The Rich”

    …in fairness, which Swedes will die for, they’re no more hypocritical than OUR socialist, they just don’t feel they need to lie about it as much, perhaps because they’ve been at it for so long…

  6. willysgoatgruff
    OCTOBER 9, 2019 AT 9:46 PM
    “I want custody of the “Royal Swedish Bikini Team”….reseach has no handmaiden….”

    …you sure about that? Sweden is a liberal dream. Whatever members of the team that aren’t dudes are probably carrying Muslim babies, willingly or unwillingly procreated, or a dozen Somalian diseases, so good luck with that…

  7. SNS…this is why research is involved, but what I remember about Budweiser commercials, I’m willing to take the chance….for science….

  8. @willysgoatgruff October 9, 2019 at 10:04 pm

    > I’m willing to take the chance….for science….

    For “science”, you say? Why, there outta’ be a Nobel Prize in there, for that.
    (No. Seriously. It’d increase their respectability, if you’d accept.)

  9. geoff the aardvark: Charles has a short lifespan. Queen Liz needs to follow King Carl’s example and toss Harry and what’s her name.


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