Hillary Models the Katy Perry “Hillary” Shoe (We’ve “Designed” a Few More) ((Any Suggestions?))


Over the course of her life, Hillary Clinton has had many important titles bestowed upon her. Of course, she was the First Lady of the United States for eight years, the Senator of New York for eight years, Secretary of State for four, and the first woman to ever be chosen as a major party’s nominee for President.

Now she can add “fashion muse” and “footwear model” to the list, thanks to Katy Perry, who designed a pair of pumps in her honor, dubbing them The Hillary. And when Clinton got her hands on a pair of the baby pink pumps, she was more than happy to show them off to their best effect for Perry’s Instagram.

Perry posted a candid image of Clinton to her social media account on Monday night featuring the career politician beaming into the camera with arms outspread so as to draw the eye to her new kicks (a pro touch).

The pop star captioned the shot, “⚡️POWER PUMP⚡️your way over to katyperrycollections.com for the last few hours of the spring 25% sale❗@HillaryClinton is wearing #TheHillary,” concluding with what we are all thinking while gazing upon this image, “(OMG I LOVE HER SO MUCH)”


Here’s our interpretation of the shoe.  (More to follow)


53 Comments on Hillary Models the Katy Perry “Hillary” Shoe (We’ve “Designed” a Few More) ((Any Suggestions?))

  1. You know she posed for them and then immediately wanted to take them off screaming, “Take these fucking things off me!” before someone helped her sit down.

  2. Should include the faces of all the people she stomped on in her never ending quest for power.

    Then again, she is married to a real heel–Blowjob Bill.

  3. Katy Perry knows a lot about being pumped. She hasn’t been the same since she staged a big show in her hometown where she was going to humiliate her ex boyfriend (or maybe just some guy she had a crush on) by calling him out and saying how sorry he must be because all of this could have been his. Apparently, he was married to his high school sweetheart, didn’t really remember Perry at all and was quite happy. Thanked her for the show though. Perry shortly thereafter married some british comic named Brand and divorced him a few years later. She’s a lefty but does do a lot of charity work so it’s a bit of a wash.

  4. SCR_North. I remember that! She was so bitter and bitchy it was hilariously pathetic on her part.
    But really, why does she care? She said she was leaning gay at the time anyway. lol

  5. Who is Katy Perry anyway?

    Those pumps are a riot. Maybe the heel should contain the photo of Bill, another type of heel.

  6. Heel with a little helicopter to commemorate her dash to cover while snipers nearly killed her.

    Heel with a baby fetus to commemorate her fight for irresponsible women and deaths of millions of babies.

  7. They have no Cankle support
    But a homing device would be good so that shoes separated at the curb can be reunited

  8. Where’s the blue dress version?
    How about the cattle futures edition?
    And of course a pneumonia special.

  9. Not at my best today. What is the green thing in the first BFH shoe? Love all the styles except the original and I hope they hurt her feet every second.

  10. Pairs with any Night Dragon WiFi Shoe App
    …there is an App for that.
    “Don’t Let This Happen To Your Shoe”

  11. Muslim video
    White House china/silverware
    Keyboard’s W’s (wasn’t it the W’s they took off keyboard?)
    Dollar signs foundation money

  12. Put a flashing light inside that turns on every time the wearer steps on it. Maybe it will cause her to seizure again.

  13. I can hear the advertisement now ….

    “I ain’t no ways tarred in these shoes!”
    “Running from sniper fire is so easy in these heals”

    … how about heels w/ erasers? … to erase those hard drives

  14. While the pink color is pretty nice, the heel is far too ridged and high, and the giant empty cylinder look is ugly as fk. Fashion FAIL.
    [btw, the bloodied shoe is the best one.]

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