Hillary Plumps Her Cheeks.. the ones on her face

see here

ht/ hot salsa

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  1. Great!

    There goes any possibility of bedtime fun with the wife for the whole weekend.

    Thanks a lot BFH

  2. She’s running. She spoke to Cher today who assured her that age is just a number… a number approaching 100. But still, a number.

  3. Now can she just do something with that shadow on her upper lip? Never Mind it’s a lost cause. She just plain UGLY.

  4. A couple of dots from a Sharpie and you’ve got two titties on either side of her nose.

    Gawddamn that hag is uuugly!!!

  5. Are those sutures holding the jowls in place? Look closely at the photo–kinda reminds me of the Bride of Frankenstein.

  6. This will be the first time in American history where a candidates functional IQ and
    And their age will be exactly the same.

  7. Hillary Rodhamster Clinton is on her way to looking like a clickbait freak. She won’t be able to stop.

    I wonder if she ever got that hole in her tongue fixed.

  8. In the first photo: It looks like her penis is between her butt cheeks and it enhances her mustache and the rest of it looks like bad photo shopping!

    In the second photo it looks like the cheek filler is draining into her neck.

  9. Wait until that cross-eyed hag gets down here. Her reception committee will be headed by Vince Foster and Eleanor. They’re going to each grab a leg and then make a wish.

  10. Cisco hits the mark! slap a blonde wig on ‘Billy’ the tricycle doll from SAW, plump it up in a Mao suit … it’s her!

    … it’s ‘Hilly’!

  11. Did she go to Kerry’s plastic surgeon to get her cheeks stuffed with “presidential material”? When she sees the reactions, he’ll be lucky not to end up on her hit list.

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