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Christmas Gifts from Texas Pro-Abortion Group – A pro-abortion Texas group posted a photo in December of its holiday party favors: candles that say, “Abortions are magical.”

The Texas Equal Access (TEA) Fund operates out of Dallas and provides funding to single mothers, survivors of domestic violence, homeless women and low-income women who wish to abort their unborn babies. “We have helped girls as young as 11 and women as old as 44,” the group says on its Facebook page.

“Getting our holiday party favors ready!” the TEA Fund wrote on Facebook Dec. 4. “Every year we honor our volunteers and make sure they get a token of appreciation at our annual holiday party.”

The photo shows four candles with unicorns on them and block letters that spell out, “Abortions Are Magical.”

Go here to see the candles.

15 Comments on Christmas Gifts from Texas Pro-Abortion Group

  1. Why, yes! They ARE magical!

    A snip here, and stab there, slice and dice and POOF! — all responsibility for your own actions just disappear!

    Of course, all this snipping, stabbing, slicing and dicing is only magical when it’s done inside a uterus. Otherwise it’s 1st degree murder.

  2. I’m guessing no one bothered to look in the dictionary for an example of magical. Or maybe they did look and that’s why it was used. Fucking sickos.

    adj. relating to, using, or resembling magic.
    “he had a gentle, magical touch with the child”

  3. Magic is an aspect of the Occult and life is treated as a commodity for obtaining (satanic) power over world governments, economies, families. The way that’s accoplished is by sacrificing life in the name of Satan. These wicked ceremonial candles confirm Planned Parenthood is a satanic organization that facilitates the heinous practice of murdering babies. Abortion is an evil rebellious act against God which results in millions of people who never experience life outside the womb – just as planned.

  4. @Anonymous DECEMBER 13, 2019 AT 6:02 PM
    @Mark VII Ltd December 13, 2019 at 3:30 pm

    > “What if Jesus was aborted?

    There’d be no antisemitism.”

    Uh, no; antisemitism was a thing long before the time of Jesus. You should read about it sometime.


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