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Hillary’s Pearls of Wisdom

Eye roll.

Patriot Retort: Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had these pearls of wisdom regarding the uprising in Iran:

The Iranian people, especially the young, are protesting for the freedom and future they deserve. I hope their government responds peacefully and supports their hopes.

So, you hope the government responds peacefully and supports their hopes?

Here’s hoping!

I’m sorry, weren’t you once the Secretary of State?

Because this kind of saccharine claptrap sounds more fitting coming from an Inspiration-a-Day calendar than from the woman who aspired to be the Leader of the Free World.

Within no time, the theocratic regime in Iran made it crystal-freaking-clear that they were not going to respond “peacefully” – let alone support the protestors’ “hopes.”

The protesters’ “hope” is to rid themselves of the theocratic regime that has kept them enslaved for nearly four decades, Hillary.

So why in Lucifer’s reach would the theocratic regime support that?

And why would that – of all things – be your “hope?”

Good grief.

You would have to be an imbecile to believe that the mullahs would just sit on their hands and let this uprising happen – not to mention “hope” they would support it.

And here she was billed as the smartest, most qualified person ever to run for President.  MORE

20 Comments on Hillary’s Pearls of Wisdom

  1. Robby Mook won’t rule out another Clinton run in 2020. Please, prosecute Huma and put a fork in this woman already.

  2. Hey, it could have been worse..

    “The Iranian people, especially the young, are protesting because of an inflammatory video they saw. I hope their government catches whoever made it.”

  3. I hope OUR Government responds correctly and relocates
    this treacherous harpy to GITMO where she belongs.

    I’ll settle for Leavenworth.

  4. Was co-President and Secretary of State

    ..and all she can say to Iran is a tweet of her hopes? Way to go out on a limb there lady….

    Why didn’t you do anything when you had the chance?

  5. How can she wish for a peaceful response from the Iranian Government when we know that her & obumma deep state guvmint aren’t responding peacefully to our rightly elected president?

  6. People who know her say she is “depressed” and “can’t get over losing”.

    She’ll be a lot more depressed doing 25 years in a “secure undisclosed location” for Espionage.

  7. if Killary ever had an Original Idea and a cold drink of water at the same time, it would kill her dead.

    That being said, ANYTHING she says, she stole it from some other Leftist asshole’s talking points.

  8. The Iranians have the government they deserve. After all, the slaughter countless Americans to obtain and preserve this theocracy. I hope they suffer

  9. My hope for 2018 is that a bolt of lightening from Heaven electrocutes the Hildabeast-hag into a pile of ash.

    The whole world will be measurably improved with her demise.

  10. @ Davy,
    That is like saying millions of defenseless No-Kos are responsible, or you and I were responsible for 8 years of obama… The fact that they are taking to the streets (especially in Iran) speaks volumes of their bravery… Hell most Americans wouldn’t even think of doing it!
    Cannot always blame the trodden.

    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

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