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New David Brock Revelations Highlight History of Destruction

Big Journalism: Democratic activist David Brock has been exposed as one of the key sources of money behind efforts during the 2016 presidential campaign to entice women to accuse Donald Trump of past sexual misconduct.

It was only the latest caper for Brock, who spent the 1990s attacking the Clintons before undergoing a political conversion, and devoting his efforts — and other people’s money — to a crusade to destroy Republicans and the conservative media.

Brock founded Media Matters for America in 2004. Billed as a “charity” — and exempted from taxes — the group theoretically corrects conservative bias in the media. In practice, Media Matters attempts to eliminate conservative perspectives altogether, targeting popular hosts, journalists, and outlets. The organization also routinely promotes left-wing causes: in 2011, for example, Media Matters aligned with the radical Occupy Wall Street movement.

Despite the group’s political agenda, mainstream media outlets routinely rely on Media Matters for talking points. Recently, for example, CNN’s Chris Cuomo admitted on the air that he relied on material from Media Matters in criticizing Breitbart.

The zenith of the group’s influence was in the 2008 presidential elections, when mainstream media worked in concert to elect Barack Obama, and to avoid and discourage efforts to probe his views and record.

In advance of the 2012 election, Media Matters drew up a plan, Project 2012, which aimed to destroy opposition media sources, especially Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, and Breitbart. One part of the plan, “litigation,” proposed to “[b]ring litigation against Fox News and its feeders holding them accountable for illegal and tortious actions.” The document explained that lawsuits were needed because the federal government was “reluctant to police the media.”  more here

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  1. Exposing the deep state operatives one “news reporter” at a time.

  2. Dear David Brock,

    I am the widow of the late Nigerian head of state who was molested by your President Trump. Please wire US $5 million to my offshore account and I shall tell all.

  3. Since Brock, and anyone else like him, think it’s fair to play dirty politics re sex, I say we burn off his ‘special purpose’ with a soldering iron.

    Sic semper to traitors

  4. it’s ok … no one notices anything he says … they’re paying too much attention to the sploogey-doo

  5. “Isn’t that the alien from “This Island Earth”?

    TaxPayer, maybe you’re thinking of Giorgio Tsoukalos?

  6. I just googled images of DB to see if there were any “normal” pics of him. My takeaway is

    (drum roll)……
    He looks like this on purpose

  7. dammit Taxpayer! You saw my tweet on BFH’s post and stole it. 🙂

    But I’ll take it further. Just like Barack couldn’t shoot straight and fucked up everything he touched, high-haired Brack in “This Island Earth” couldnt hit the broad side of a barn too and kept missing the professors in their car.

  8. I feel about sexual harassment charges the same way I do about hate crime charges, fake until proven by hard evidence otherwise. They is just so much fucking lying going on with the victim classes and the 15 minutes of fame goldigging cunts that, unfortunately, you more than likely going to make an ass of yourself believing any accusation that only offers up mere words. And once any evidence offered is show to be false, refuse to believe any of it, because most real victims don’t have to make up preposterous stories and fake evidence to prove their point.

  9. He saves a lot of donor money by foregoing the expensive salons and just brushing his hair with a cock.

  10. Brock is greasy in more ways than the obvious. And his ex-boyfriend is James Alefantis
    of Comet Ping Pong fame.

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