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The CDC Conducts a Study – Their Findings Conclude That Black Men Are Better Fathers Than White Men

Ohhhh, I get it. They were just kicking off the year with a joke. You take an absolute absurdity and say the opposite.

The study concludes that black men are more likely to help their kids with homework. (Could it be that they are in the same grade?) Okay, that was a low blow, the “study” is making me surly. If black kids are getting more fatherly help with their homework, why are they lagging behind statistically?

(Sometimes questions can be self-answering and racist.)

Given the statistics below, the CDC surely can’t be serious, could they?

Racial or ethnic group Children in single-parent families
Non-Hispanic whites 25 percent
Hispanics 42 percent
American Indian and Native Alaskans 53 percent
Non-Hispanic blacks 67 percent

Statistics provided by Don Lemon.

I’ve conducted a few studies.

-Men prefer flat-chested women at a rate of 3 to 1.

-Milk is best left out of the refrigerator.

-Motorcycles are the safest mode of transportation on the road.

-The worse your breath the more likely you are to be hired after a job interview.

-The left loves America and its founding principles more than the right.

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52 Comments on The CDC Conducts a Study – Their Findings Conclude That Black Men Are Better Fathers Than White Men

  1. Another useless waste of tax dollars!

  2. Well, I guess maybe 3 out of 10 are since isn’t that the number of black fathers present in black families today?

  3. I remember some studies stating Kankles would be a runaway winner of the 2016 Presidential election.

  4. Conservative black men make better fathers than liberal white men.

    There. Fixed it for you CDC.

  5. Perfect example: That scum sucking maggot that wouldn’t thank President Trump for saving his shitbird thugass thief son from a Chinese prison. Now there’s some great parenting.

  6. There might be something to it in that the if a black man actually marries the mother of his kids and they create a real, stable family unit that the father may spend time with his children. I doubt it’s more time then a white father in a similar family unit but it could be around the same. The problem of course is that black fathers rarely seem to form this family unit and seem to prefer to donate sperm and split.

    Anyway, I suspect that the study could be torn apart by some decent researchers if they got access to the methodology used as well as the raw data and any communications betwen the members of the group conducting the study but that will never happen.

  7. Seems to me one is required to stick around to be any kind of father at all.

  8. Why does the CDC think this is even part of their mission? What a waste of time and money.

  9. And….LaVar Bell taught his dumb ass kid (full ride basketball scholarship at UCLA) not to shoplift especially in COMMUNIST CHINA!…

  10. I haven’t read the study, but how about sample bias?

    If you’re trying to determine which group makes better fathers, you’re still only measuring the behavior of actual fathers.

    As in, the one that stuck around.

    So, with that in mind, and using the statistics above, only about 1/3 of black fathers stick around. Which means you have a preselection bias, with a sample group that’s already demonstrated good “fatherly traits”.

    Put another way, you’ve eliminated most of the “bad fathers” from the black sample group before even beginning your testing.

  11. I have a hard time believing they found black men willing to admit being the baby daddy.

  12. Empirical evidence, the kind I feel is most accurate, says this is a load of hooey, road apples, bull scat, pope poop, bologna, pig in a poke, distortion, exaggeration, half-truth, ambiguity, equivocation, obliquity, defamation, libel, slander, perjury, bluff, fiction, pose, pretense, humbug, jive, nonsense, canard, fallacy, misconception, myth, falsification, misinformation, misreport, misrepresentation, misstatement, deceitfulness, dishonesty, duplicity, fraudulence.


    Remember a few years ago, they all touted that GAY FAMILIES were better, safer, more conducive to raising children than heterosexual families?

    Ha! Time to secede. These people live in a reality where they believe their own B.S.

  14. Thirdtwin, I bitch about this commercial every time it’s on. Woman in non-traditional job, bi-racial child, fubere-masculine ather on the floor playing tea party with her, mother nowhere to be seen… I detest it.

  15. Damn iPad auto correct. That’s UBER masculine father.

  16. Just look at Detroit, Cleveland, Chicago, East St. Louis, Atlanta, New Orleans, Memphis, Cincinnati, Baltimore or any major metro-area and it’s obvious the CDC study is correct.

    Wanna bet those who conducted this study were hired under obama for their ethnicity and political views?

  17. I think the ones that stay are probably more likely to be good fathers because they know what happens if they are not. Look at the story behind the one handed player from UCF. His dad was around and he said no excuses and son won defensive player of game.

  18. Define “better father.”

    Sired more whelps from more hoes? Then it’s probably factual.

    izlamo delenda est …

  19. Another taxpayer funded “study” in which the conclusion was written before the first data point was collected, if any were collected at all. How much you want to bet that they limited the black fathers studied to the 1/3 that didn’t just walk away from the kids altogether? Of course, those guys probably are great dads by the mere fact that they bucked the trend and took care of their own brood even though they obviously could’ve opted out.

  20. Better at not being around?
    Better at being in jail?
    Better at not providing?

  21. CDC = Center for Disease Control. What the hell does this “study” have to do with “Disease”? This is why they had to be ordered to stop the phony gun control studies. These guys have totally lost sight of their mission.

  22. The CDC has been compromised by leftist leadership for a while. They long ago abandoned the truth found in most of their own studies. It’s illogical, but CDC hopes the PR lies keep BLM, Black Caucus and white guilt progressives satisfied.

  23. Another government centered waste of tax payer’s money. Bout damn time for the CDC to get about an 80% haircut. Get back to what they’re supposed to be doing. Kinda looks like they’ve got more money than they know what to do with so they hired agenda driven Affirmative Action drones to come up with a predetermined outcome. Global warming scammers are still hiring aren’t they?

  24. As stated several times above, this isn’t the mission of the CDC. Hey, CDC you have had a HUGE fail with this year’s flu vaccine–10% effective. I realize you look to Australia to see what strain they had but viruses mutate FAST and you screwed the pooch with this. You were too busy worrying about parenting and guns. Do your damn job!

  25. @Brown Eyed Girl
    “fubere”, I was going with, fluxed up beyond every rational entity, Uber works too.

  26. The goal for 2018 is clearly for no one to believe a thing they read or hear.

  27. Cleansing the fed gov by FIRE, or at the least, rampant FIRING is the only way to clean out the swamp

    2018 Conclusion of my recently completed study:

    The CDC should be trashed along with the other now FUBAR federal agencies: IRS, FBI, JustUs, Education, EPA, Defense and State.

    Apparently Obola was wildly successful beyond all observation. He managed to butt-fuck this agency into hysteric idiocy and uselessness just as he did all those others. They are not to be deemed useless and laughable because they hold POWER, they are dangerous to us.

  28. Remember the CDC are those wonderful folks that insist you get a flu shot every year.

  29. Since when is help with homework the measure of a good father? Such help does not foster self-reliance.

  30. @Anon, Yep, my father would work a Sunday x-word while taking a shit, in pen.
    You think he would tell me how to spell a word?
    I have actually worn out a dictionary.
    Spell check is my friend.

  31. Hey,they can give their alleged kids a real time illustration of Ohm’s law at the nearest high voltage substation while they’re ripping off copper cables.

  32. Yeah, the Ad Council does a less than stellar job of conveying minority fathers should step up, but the fathers in the recent commercials are starring with their actual children; . Sometimes the ernest effort of these ads matter. Especially, if it gets the attention of at least one deadbeat dad.

  33. The CDC? The Center for Disease Control? Is there a connection between blacks and deadly germs I’m not seeing here? Why is the CDC involved? Why not NASA?

  34. Not defending the Ad Council. It is another unnecessary progressive over reach agency. The CDC needs to be drained. Way too many swamp dwellers sabotaging public health.

  35. Where did they ever find enough of them to form a real study?

  36. If they have money to spend on this type of non disease study they need their budget SLASHED!

  37. Fur, “Could it be that they are in the same grade?” You thought you were being funny, but there is much truth to your joke. When I used to score student essays, we had one project that was a graduation requirement.

    I felt so sorry for some of the “kids” that wrote that this test was their 5th or 6th attempt at passing. They would beg the person scoring their test to pass them. Usually, the best they could get was a 1 (scale of 0-6) based on the fact that they actually capitalized the first word in a sentence and ended the sentence with a period.

  38. @Claudia. That’s heartbreaking. I’ve been scored student essays for years now and have scored similar projects. In general, kids in the larger urban areas have abysmal scores. These same kids grow up with perpetual inferior educations spanning generations. Fixing this mess starts and ends with families – not government or communities.

  39. No competition:
    70% of black kids are born out
    of wedlock. The dads are AWOL
    and the kids are usually raised
    by the grandmother at best or a
    drug gang and go feral. Making up
    statistics to “potemkin village” the black child mess is more pure BS.

  40. There are many wonderful black fathers, I know many.
    But this study is designed to quell any notion that there is a problem in the black community with fathers.
    And there is a growing problem with it in the white community.

    My hope is that there will be a great resurgence of the nuclear family in the AMERICAN COMMUNITY.

    What’s wrong with that idea?
    The left hates it.

    They’ve been attacking the “Leave It To Beaver” model since the show came out.

  41. Strikes me as odd that nothing like this was said when Obama was president.

  42. Black men help there kids with homework more often because a) they are less likely to have a job and b) the are often attending the same grade.

  43. once you go black …. you’re a single mother

  44. CDC should stick to disease surveillance.

    I would say that black children that survive the disproportionate application of murder by abortion in their group and the greater degree of absent fathers are the real heroes.

    Seriously, were the researchers at the CDC huffing glue when they wrote their conclusions. Total crap science!

  45. sorry fur I missed your analysis about the same grade when I first skimmed the article

  46. Old joke…..

    The epitome of confusion in the ‘hood…..

    Father’s Day.

  47. They bond well with their sons when they are in the same prison.

    The oldest women in the house, usually gramma, rules the roost.

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