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Never Trumpers Check Their White Privilege

Daily Caller: Neoconservative pundit Max Boot made a very important announcement last week: he’s checking his white privilege.

In a column for Foreign Policy, Boot said he reconsidered his past disdain for the concept of white male privilege, thanks in large part to the rise of Donald Trump.

“[I]t has become impossible for me to deny the reality of discrimination, harassment, even violence that people of color and women continue to experience in modern-day America from a power structure that remains for the most part in the hands of straight, white males. People like me, in other words,” Boot writes. “Whether I realize it or not, I have benefitted from my skin color and my gender — and those of a different gender or sexuality or skin color have suffered because of it.”

The foreign policy hawk argues Trump’s “racist” campaign for the White House laid bare these supposed facts and “revealed that racism and xenophobia are more widespread than I had previously realized.”

Boot also believes that misogyny is another whole problem and now finds himself agreeing with radical feminists that we live under an oppressive “patriarchy.”

He ends his column with a claim that he’s a moderate on the issue of white male privilege and insists he doesn’t want to zealously regulate “microaggressions — he just now believes racism and sexism are far worse problems than political correctness.

Boot’s column was greeted with a great deal of mockery by conservatives. As Tucker Carlson, who famously humiliated Boot on his Fox News show in 2017, put it, “Max Boot will say anything if they just let him invade Iran.”

Carlson’s underlying point and that of many conservatives who laughed at Boot’s sudden acceptance of white privilege is that it’s a cynical appeasement to the neoconservative’s new left-wing allies.  read more

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  1. I tend to consider myself fairly conservative and support resorting to force when there is no other reasonable option but this crazy bastard seems to think that force is the first, last and only option in foreign affairs. It’s douchbags like this that get invited on newstalk shows or given columns in papers that damage the conservative movement as a whole. Now he’s trying to expand (or get more speaking fees) by being the arch conservative with a conscience by buying into (at least in public) the whole crap about white priviledge. Shameful huckstering.

  2. Make something of yourself, do better than your parents, pull yourself up by your bootstraps.
    Horatio Hornblowers of the world are now frowned upon, reinforcing their already poor inner self-image.
    Progs have no self-awareness and conservative have too much, buttressed by the the whole “White Privilege”, crap.
    Even Blacks are treated as such, Uncle Tom, acting white, house ‘person’, same thing, instilling self doubt when overcoming that is the exact thing that drives people to greatness.
    Proving your self-worth is enabling, in order to survive, the left cannot let that happen.
    The Progressive movement is in it’s death throws, you can hear the rattle.

  3. “I have benefitted from my skin color and my gender — and those of a different gender or sexuality or skin color have suffered because of it.”

    So, now, life is a zero sum game. And all the money you, and your patrons, have, was taken, illegitimately, from poor(er) people. You know, Max, that’s not a career path in your line of “work.”

  4. People benefit because they’re taller, better looking, more athletic, smarter, etc.

    Life is unfair. Get over it. Identity politics is the worst kind of unfairness because it can claim a white person with nothing going for them has some kind of advantage over a non-white person who has everything going for them and actually sabotages the white person even more.


    If you deny it exists, then you have a mental problem. If you try to fight back, you have a mental problem.

    The guy is Uncle Tomming for sure. Oh he’ll keep his job, but now he is at least he has purified himself and come out of the closet.

  6. As brutal and insensitive as it sounds, why don’t all these guilt-ridden white males do the honorable (in their world) thing and self-thin their ranks? Maybe we’d all be better off if they just started eliminating themselves.

  7. If he isn’t on their staff already, this asshole will fit right in at the National Review with all those other #NeverTrump assholes and their leftist hatred against My Donald.

    (H/T @ Mr. Pinko for correctly assigning the right word, “assholes”, to those assholes.)

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