Hillary’s Private Server Was the Clinton Foundation Server!

So a subpoena now will include all the dealings of the Clinton Foundation. Perfect. Maybe we’ll get to put Bill in jail too.

Breitbart has learned that Hillary’s IP address shared the same IP address as the Clinton Foundation, and the server was not in Chappaqua, as Hillary claimed, it was in midtown Manhattan. (Why would Hillary lie about such a thing?)

This revelation means that there is an entire new group of people who had no security clearance and access to the server where Hillary housed state secrets.

ARREST HER NOW. What are we waiting for?


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  1. This afternoon there was a deep thrumming sound coming from Washington, DC. It was all the FBI forensic computer examiner’s boners hitting the underside of their keyboards.

    Rock n’ roll laddies.

  2. What in the world are they waiting for? Arrest her and pull Bill’s passport. We don’t want him getting away.

  3. All those folks who “committed suicide” that had close ties to the Clintoons? I wonder if Bill and Hill will end up in similar circumstances. They’re becoming a big liability…….

  4. I am just floored that Hillary and Bill would lie about something that has severe National Security Implications. —gasp–

    And the polls say they aren’t trustworthy. They care for nothing but themselves, their wealth and survival.

  5. The DNC must be already imagining all the GOP ads on this, SO: who IS going to be their stooge, since Hillary is toast? Gramps Bernie is not a ball-player, which leaves Uncle-Touch-You-Joe or Lie-awatha…or nobody.

    At this point “nobody” is looking REAL GOOD.

  6. don’t get too excited people .. this is just another matter to blow
    off. the first gay, black pimp president is gonna pardon anyone who can lead back to hism ..

  7. The destruction of the Clinton Global Foundation and it’s overlords Bill, Hitlery, and Chelthief that oversee the Two Billion Dollar slush fund, opens up endless possibilities for the next generation of thieves.

    The new and improved Obama Global JihadFoundation will do everything the Clinton crime operation does and more… and better. The decks are being cleared for the donors to shift their payoffs to odinga without fear or regret since the Clinton gangsters will.have been iced. Oh what tangled webs they weave…

  8. I saw a truck the other day with a tailgate sticker with her face and the caption
    “Life’s a Bitch
    Don’t Elect One”

    Gutsy in Tallahassee where the locals continue to vote for liberal democrats.

  9. I would love to see the expression on Obama’s face in that picture. Bill, resembling a crazed zombie, appears ready to backhand him. It must have been one heck of a tense round of golf!

  10. The Billary Rodham-Clintons will be arrested right after the Obamas, the Pelosis, the Reids, the Holders, the Boehners, McConnells, Soros. . . . . Ie, exactly never. If President Trump or Cruz decided to apply existing law to the political elites, a revolution would ensue.

  11. Hillary might sink the world before Obama does……..at which point Obama will claim racism and discrimination for jumping the line.

  12. What is it going to take to get someone, anyone, in frickin’ handcuffs over this??!!

    Scooter Libby did a year in the slammer for one count that wasn’t even a violation of the Espionage Act, where we have the Hildebeest and her cronies potentially with thousands of violations of the Espionage Act, for each one of them!!

    This could easily prove to be the biggest single violation of National Security ever, since the term was coined. The Soviets could only dream of penetrating State Department security this deeply, and here we have the perp of exactly that running for President!!

    Stalin is laughing in Hell.

  13. I just noticed on Twitchy that they have an email of Hillary praising her new iPad.

    She wrote in an email, “do you think you can teach me how to use it on the flight to KYEV next week?”


    Umm, you mean KIEV, ‘smartest woman in the world’?

    Bitch can’t spell AND needs instructions for an iPad???

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