Trump Mocking Jeb Lifts All Conservative Boats

The conservatives who loathe Trump and want him gone, can they point to their preferred candidate who is spending money on these types of ads?

No, they can’t.

So leave Trump the hell alone.

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  1. Bush is a tool.

    Kinda OT (but not really) but I’m reading Ted Cruz’s book, A Time For Truth, and he wrote about being Solicitor General for Texas. He brought a suite against GW to the SCOTUS. GW wanted Texas to follow a ruling by the UN World Court regarding a case they had. Cruz was mortified that Bush would agree to give up the sovereignty of the United States to the UN. Cruz won the case.

    Why it’s not OT is that giving up US sovereignty must run in the Bush family. Yeb’s dad, HW, wanted the UN to have authority over the US, Yeb’s brother tried the same thing, and now Yeb wants US law to not matter because of “love” or something.

    Can we bring back tar and feathering?

  2. Seems like most everybody in politics gets the “internationalist” point of view and obvious anti-American Sovereignty from the Harvard / Yale / Lefty institutions of higher learning.
    I think Reagan was the last who didn’t get that indoctrination, Goldwater before him..
    I never read Amity Schlaes book, “The Forgotten Man” since she was a member of the Council on Foreign Relations
    Most of those CFR members were big on NAFTA and MexAmeriCanada. Screw em all.

  3. From the frogs legs vid “conservative pundits, what don’t you get?Trump is not our candidate, he is our murder weapon, and the GOPe is our victim. Are we good good? Speaks volumes!!!

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