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Return of the Hangry Lunch

With the start of the school year across the country a number of students are discovering, to their horror, that nothing has been done to improve the slop doled out in their lunch room.

Mean school lunch

The infliction of Moose’s dietary standards on school kids is going to teach them all a valuable lesson on the reliance on Big Government that will last a lifetime.


Instead of trying to get Obama to lift Moose’s restrictions on school lunches, Congress should instead make sure Democrats get full credit for their achievement. In the next appropriations bill there should be funding for signs to go up in every school lunchroom giving credit to the 2010 Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act by a Democratic Party controlled government. You know like those Obama stimulus road construction signs that went up all over.

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  1. One of our local conservative radio talk show hosts was talking about the vast number of our school children who are fed breakfast, snack, lunch, snack and sometimes dinner.

    Something she said was very telling about the Minnesota Democrat nanny state policies: “Why do kids need parents?”

    If a Democrat heard her say that, they would actually be proud of it.

  2. Odd as it may seem, I recall reading somewhere the following response to your inquiry.

    Basically this person argued that Mitch wasn’t elected and therefore this food mess isn’t a government mandate. This was followed by a statement that the endorsed guidelines were adopted and not actually enforced by any law.

    Even though I have kids, I haven’t followed the meal programs down to this level, so I don’t know whether this is bs or not. It appears at least in my district the lunches are independent of the full on Mooch lunches. Yeah my daughter loves throw out the peas day, but they don’t complain much about the food at school, heck I try and feed them something new and they think I’m trying to poison them.

  3. Feeding breakfast lunch and dinner because welfare mothers live such disorganized lives they don’t know how to put food on the table. This I learned through dependable channels.

  4. If the WF moms suddenly quit voting en mass Democratic, they couldn’t get a crust of bread or rind of government cheese from those niggardly Progs.
    Democrats don’t donate, they want you to.

  5. Keep on cramming those kids with massive loads of refined carbohydrates. It appears the goal is to guarantee obesity, diabetes and host of other health problems. And that so-called whole wheat/grain bread has more carbs than white bread.

  6. I’m pretty sure there has to be some union involvement/payoffs/kickbacks somewhere in the pipeline as well. Follow the money.

  7. The jails and prisons can do whatever they want. The privatized prison industrial complex (look it up) is a system where the money is flowing TOWARDS the government via taxes and lobbyists.

    The prisoner labor market and privatized prisons and the lobbying for harsher sentencing have created a multi billion dollar industry. You thought slavery was abolished? Think again.

    The public schools are a system where the money is flowing OUT of the government, so they have the control.

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