Hip-Hop Artist With 17 Kids Wanted For Child Support


Armond Curry has been a busy man. He’s the father of 17 children in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and a hip-hop writer and producer who goes by the name Money G Allstar Mack. He’s now reportedly on the run for 17 counts of failing to pay child support, which is a felony, Fox 6 Now reported. more at BlurBrain.

SNIP: This guy is bad enough, but what’s with these women he’s knocking up?

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  1. “This guy is bad enough, but what’s with these women he’s knocking up?” They get knocked-up so they can get welfare. The more microburs they have the more welfare they get. 17 microburs? He needs a nutectomy and his wang sewn to his knee.

  2. Yeah, I know about the money, I’m asking what’s with these women’s self esteem? They’re no better than the freaks on Sister Wives.

  3. Why did the state wait so long?
    I’m sure this isn’t his first time.
    (Of course we all know why…..he’s black)

  4. Ladies, listen up! See that hunk? He’s on the run and you can be number 18. A single white female vote for Obama has got to be a vote for this dude.

  5. Dem baby mommas’ are just as dumb as this breeder…all dem gonna get is our tax dollars…this low-life POS ain’t evah gonna have to pay up for baby-support. Oh yeah, I forgot, those worthless hoes gonna get food snaps and ATDC payments…SCUM

  6. Seventeen more black lives that do…..not…..matter…..at all… to blacks.

    No surprise. And these kids will repeat the cycle.

  7. I spent the first seven years of my Family Court career working exclusively in child support. This is a problem I’ve seen again and again, albeit not on such an epic level.

    Not paying through “official channels” is a disaster. When my litigants ask me to explain this phenomenon, I have to choose my words very carefully because I’m not an attorney and the law of New York State does not allow me to give legal advice. What I tell them is this: “Your order is very specific in directing you to pay a certain amount at a certain frequency and in a certain manner. If you do not follow the order exactly, there will definitely be a problem.”

    And even more so when the subject children receive public assistance! In those orders, the payee is not the custodial parent, but the local social services agency. While it’s true that a custodial party can go to court and waive arrears or forgive them outright in private cases because the non-custodial parent has been helpful in other ways, I’ve only seen an agency waive arrears once (and that was a very small amount and under special circumstances).

    Nice to see that Wisconsin will jail a child support scofflaw for up to 42 months. In wimpy – assed New York, the maximum is only six months.

  8. Armond, Mr. Marvin Gaye said it well… we sure likes to ball. Well, whilst you runnin and hidin, you come visit Eboneshia and she gonna fix you up real good with a castration. I just be getting my medacine lisense soon, but I do you for free.

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