His Old Friend

Man delighted to be given gift of something he had as a boy

A grandad has been given something he remembers from when he was a young boy. Harry Littlewood, 68, has been reunited with something that was uncovered by workers at the Redrock development in the centre of Stockport, Greater Manchester. He grew up in the area, which had rows of cottages built in Victorian times, and made a nostalgic visit to the site when building began last year.

Contractors had uncovered the remains dating back to this era and Harry recognized XXXXXXXXXXXX. Harry asked if he could have it and when Stockport Council agreed he was presented with it. Harry said: “It was the one I used when I was a nipper 60-odd years ago, I never thought I’d see it again.

What was it?

“I can’t really use it as a fruit bowl so I’ll probably give it pride of place in the garden and use it as a planter.”


Why does he have his thumb up under the rim?

What is wrong with some people?

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  1. I remember poking around with my dad where he grew up in Minnesota. The house was long gone, but he knew where the dump was in a draw. He found a jar lid with holes poked in it with a fork where obviously as a child he had kept some bug as a pet. He kept that jar lid til he died. I don’t judge.

  2. Man! That’s what memories are made of!
    Sittin on the shitter, reading the Sears catalog …
    kinda thumbing the sausage …

    Just don’t get no better!

  3. Anybody here know what a “thunder mug” is? More commonly known as a chamberpot, it was kept under the bed back in the days before indoor plumbing, when it was not convenient to go outside in the middle of the night to go to the toilet. They were made of porcelain, had a fitted lid, and the contents were euphemistically referred to as “night soil”. The more expensive ones could be quite ornate, and I heard of one case where a couple purchased one as an antique and “repurposed” it as a soup tureen for dinners at their house. They were always nice enough to wait until after the meal before telling guests what its original function had been.

    And before you ask: No, I never ate at their place.


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