Hmmm… Will Not Comply

Not listening to the police. Does it matter what they are telling you to do, and why?

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  1. A sore spot for me. If I’m vertical, I’m carrying a gun. Unless I’m at the gym. I feel I have as much right as any LEO to be armed. Prove me wrong. LEO rolls up on any gun related issue and SOP is shoot the guy with the gun. Really? How about I shoot the first dumb fuck LE on seen. I’m pals with my local LE. I get along great with them one at a time. More than two show up and I’m odd man out. And they fucking know I can out shoot the shit out of them. Including the fly swatters. I guess I should be grateful they are anti BLM and ANTIFA. But like I say, in my mind I have as much right to carry a gun as they do.

  2. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, cops do what they’re told and more often than not cops put on a badge and a gun on their side and they turn into assholes.
    The majority of them though even those not assholes will do what they’re told by those who sign their checks.

  3. It could go hot any day now in Australia. Don’t discount the firearms that were unfortunately lost in canoe accidents just before the turn in.

  4. I need to move back to a RED state.
    Here in Nevada motherfuckers wear their mask EVERYWHERE!
    Alone, walking down the street.
    Yesterday I saw a fat woman cop in her cruiser alone…WEARING A FUCKING MASK!!!
    I go to stores and only wear a mask in the checkout lines… because the ladies can double charge me for shit if I don’t.
    Thing is, I am alone in my “insurrection.”

  5. Hambone – They have to enslave first to reduce the population… of slaves. Otherwise, people will realize they’re actually conducting open warfare. Fear – their area of expertise – creates the slave mentality. COVID is the vehicle to deliver hysterical fear AND kill people. The VAXES are bio-backups to the SARS-Cov-2 bioweapon.

    So, crucial to their strategy is enslavement. If that falters, they’ll never meet their death target. And why is that important?

    In the near term, the Boomer population must be reduced to keep Medicare from crashing the economy, the Federal deficit spending scheme and the FED with it’s fiat currency. And, of course, people like Trump must be kept out office lest he clean-out the DOJ and indict all the criminals. The Obama’s, Clintons, Pelosi’s, et al, DO NOT want to go to jail.

    In the long term, entrenched enslavement with population decline guarantees that they can switch to a digital currency to lock-in the enslavement and ignore debt service on the old, obsolete, phony, paper Dollar. This will preserve the corporate and political elites world-wide.

    The more I think about it, the stupider they become. They can’t figure out that it’s the complete antithesis of 20th Century Capitalism in the greatest nation on Earth and the very system that made them rich and allowed them to corrupt it. They’re too stupid to realize that, “If they ‘win,’ they kill the system.”

    We need Trump back to try another sales pitch. Whereas he has the majority convinced, this time, he also needs to convince the elites that their scheme will kill civilization.

    Slaves don’t design, build and maintain industrial civilizations.

    And I also think he needs to press for a REAL money system.

  6. That was actually very funny.
    The guys are just staring at the screaming ninja turtles and nothing happens.
    In some places they do do something. Have you seen the cops who are dragging and beating people when a city council or school board or county commission issue the orders to be tyrants?

  7. I believe their (government) intention is to cause chaos and provoke a physical reply. Then they can declare martial law and it’s a matter of who has the most and biggest guns.


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