Jesse Kelly’s “Sky is Green” Theory

Patriot Retort: Yesterday, after USA today reported that the fully vaccinated comedian Chris Rock had COVID and told everyone to “Get vaccinated,” Jesse Kelly shared what he called his Sky is Green theory.

Since Jesse’s tweets automatically delete after a time, I have dutifully transcribed his Sky is Green theory for your edification. Yes, I put it in green:

The vaccinated people getting Covid and telling others to get vaccinated so they don’t get covid proves my “Sky is green theory” 1/

If you woke up tomorrow and The System decided they wanted everyone to believe the sky was green, they could do it. And in a relatively short amount of time. You laugh, but they could. 2/

Every other news story would be something about the newly discovered green sky. The entire Democratic Party would campaign on the green sky. 95% of the GOP would either go along with the green sky, or just stay silent. 3/

“Scientists” and universities relying on government grant money would put out “studies” on the green sky. Your child would have to declare it so on an exam or would be denied a degree. 4/

Movies would be made. With the sky colored green. Corporate America would have green skies in their commercials. Your favorite athlete would tell his 2 million Instagram articles about how cool the free sky is. 5/

Soon, you’d start to question yourself. You’d assume your eyes were bad. There’s no way the sky could be blue, right? After all, EVERYONE says it’s green. It must be, right? 6/ MORE

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  1. A friend of mine mentioned this to me and my reply was that “these elites appear, announce they have covid, and then disappear”‘. They are PAID actors and it’s nothing more than propaganda. Ever read any follow-up articles to see how they fared with the infection? Me neither.

  2. Like the people who die of supposed “covid” and always die after being on a ventilator and have family members who blame the unvaxxed for them dying. They would believe the government if they told them the sky was green and the grass was blue.
    Like the people who blamed the unmasked for their family who supposedly died of “covid” after being on a ventilator, who never left their home except to go to the doctor and then they always wore their mask. They would fall for whatever they’re told.

  3. Covid is the weapon the left has found that it can use.

    It is the wrecking bar, door buster, whip, handcuffs, chains all wrapped in the term COVID of communism and elitist government.

  4. Just because 75 million of us haven’t been rioting doesn’t mean we are silent or giving up.
    Theories are nice but in practice not always true.
    The colleges and soy suckers would probably go along if they were promised handouts for life.

  5. Uhhh … people ARE pretty gullible.
    Biden staggers around the White Hut issuing un-Constitutional edicts.
    Milley, an admitted Traitor, is Chairman of the JCS.
    The FBI is a proven corrupt criminal organization.
    Globaloney Warming Hoax is still getting traction.
    CoV hoax has people terrified and at each others’ throats.
    Bacon has increased in price 88% since the Usurper took over and admits the enemies of the United States dictate policy.

    There are vast hordes of people who will eat shit and swear it’s chocolate, if that’s what the gov’t and media told them it was.

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. My eighty year old mother told me if everyone would get the vaccine no one would get covid. When I told her vaccinated people could get it she said, I never heard that! I said it’s all over the news. Some people hear what they want to believe.


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