“Hockey Stick” Mann Losses Big In Canadian Court

One of the two high profile court cases on Penn State climate scientist Michael Mann’s “Hockey Stick” graphic of global temperatures was dismissed by a The Supreme Court of British Columbia with legal cost being awarded to Dr. Tim Ball, the target of Mann’s liable case. The case was settled after Mann refused to submit his original data used to generate his now infamous temperature curve. More

This can only be good news for Mark Steyn, who has been the target of Mann’s other high profile lawsuit. Who, in his latest column, wasted little ink on Mann and moved on to attacking “Nature” for publishing a pseudo-science paper calling for the silencing of climate skeptics. Here 

12 Comments on “Hockey Stick” Mann Losses Big In Canadian Court

  1. Lets Hope Mark Steyn gets to kick ass big time too!! This BS has been going on for far too long!

  2. Legal costs. What about penalties for fraud and lying bullcrap and wasting the courts time. Nine f…ing years this drug out!

  3. Because the papers he hid had nothing to prove. Which is why they’ve been hidden. Steyn should have no further problems with this guy.

  4. That bearded hoaxer is only one level above Penn State’s shady Sandusky. One screwed the Science Department, the other screwed the Athletic Department.

    Penn State: America’s Backup College Choice.

  5. A number of the articles I skimmed call for Mann and other to face fraud for taking government money and faking their studies. Reelect the president and perhaps the DOJ will be directed to pursue these fraudsters.

  6. When elected officials are corrupt, the only avenue left are the courts. Even then, there are politically corrupt judges.

    May we have the time left to solve this situation.

  7. Good to see Mann get appropriately slammed.
    Be aware that the watermelon warmers are just
    as crazy and power mad as ever.
    Don’t be silenced. Teach your kids truth.

  8. @ MJA: You’re right, of course, BUT Steyn should get “damages”, BIG “damages”, for assaults on his bank reserves for lawyers, his reputation and for “extreme emotional distress”! Isn’t that last phrase the one the official, lefty victims always use to run up the “tab”? He and his lawyers should pound the Hell out of that smarmy, lying bastard. If he gets cashiered (unlikely), maybe he can sell pencils from a tin cup on street corners for A.A. Gore.

  9. In a libel or slander case the worse a Judge can do is to award “costs” to a defendant. It does signal a complete repudiation of the plaintiff’s (Mann) case and should have him changing his undies at the thought of the upcoming Steyn day in court. I would imagine that the sum of all the legal costs in this case will be a fortune.

    The defendant (Tim Ball) would likely be able to sue Mann for loss of income, financial and emotional stress (see @anonymous above), loss of opportunity etc which is almost a given that he’d lose.

  10. In typical leftist fashion, Mann is actually claiming victory! What a putz. Is he paying his own court costs or is Penn State?


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