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Holder Sues Gov. Walker to Waste Money On Special Elections

A “D.C.-based special interest group” headed by Obama’s former Attorney General, Eric Holder, is suing the governor of Wisconsin for leaving open a state senate and state assembly seat until elections this fall. The positions were vacated when the elected officials joined the Walker administration in late 2017.  National Democratic Redistricting Committee has complained that it is unfair to the voters of the districts to lack representation until regular elections.

Governor Scott Walker (R-WI) says that to hold special elections for the few months remaining would “force Wisconsin taxpayers to waste money.” Note that even if democrats won either or both seats, Republicans hold safe majorities in both houses . More

So, which is worse? Wasting money to hold unnecessary special elections or wasting money on a frivolous lawsuit?



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  1. The Dems have quietly been winning special election, local elections. Clearly their strategy is to go into these places they can win but lost with HRC and work at flipping them back to blue.

  2. Waste money on the lawsuit. Assign one state attorney. Ask for a couple continuances. Eat up those few months in court at the cost of one lawyer and a few hours he or she’d be paid anyway. Holder pays a fortune to his high-priced team of sycophants and Scott wins by still getting what he wants in the end. Holder’s DoJ dragged their feet on everything – phuck him.

  3. Well, our “new” governor wasted money on a special election for a US Senate seat that was held by a Republican who had been appointed by our disgraced former governor. She did not have to do that but she did for some reason (and she is a Republican) so now we have Doug Jones (D) in the senate. There are consequences to these things. I personally think what Scott Walker is doing is fine. Blame the frivolous “gotcha” lawsuit on Holder.

  4. How many readers remember 9.5 years ago when GWB, Johnny, and Lindsey told us that the conservatives who said he should not be confirmed as AG were (direct quote)”White supremacists, xenophobic, racists”.! #@! And these progressives think we are so dumb we will believe their ,”We are conservative” lie! If they really think I never could see through their lie THEY ARE THE DUMB ONES!

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