Hollynoodnik’s Attack of Ben Carson Has Major Financial Repurcussions


This slobbish dope attacked Ben Carson on Twitter with a deranged, curse-ladened rant. The right-wing Twitterverse pledged to ban the dope’s upcoming movie, another biopic about Steve Jobs. (Was this the 4th or 5th one?).

Well, the movie didn’t just bomb, it pulled the cord on the suicide vest.

I’m not so sure this was the result of a conscious boycott. It’s more likely that Rogan has limited abilities. He doesn’t have enough talent, charisma or “it factor” to overcome his big fat leftist mouth. It’s less likely that an organized boycott caused this than people instinctively voting with their feet. Plenty of movie-goers stayed away without being told they should stay away, if you know what I mean.

It’s happened before-

Sinead O’Connor

The Dixie Chicks

Mike Farrell

Susan Sarandon

Russel Brand

Tim Robbins

Janeane Garofalo

How much time do we have??



17 Comments on Hollynoodnik’s Attack of Ben Carson Has Major Financial Repurcussions

  1. Add Liam Neason (sp?), he’s an islamoblow ( credit for inventing the word islamoblow goes to Mr. Pinko who coined it a few years ago ) and, of course, is also a foreigner who spews idiotic leftist jibber jabber criticizing the 2nd Amendment rights of Americans after he got very wealthy starting in movies where he used guns prolifically.

  2. I’ll second Zilla on Liam Neeson. I’d also add Matthew McConaghey- but not for the usual reasons. I’m just sick of all of his Lincoln commercials on every football game I don’t want to watch a whole movie with him in it!

  3. I haven’t been to a movie theater since the first Star Wars. Progressive liberals
    run the movie industry. All films must be loaded with democratic talking points.
    And all movies must have several gays in them and a ton of blacks.
    I’ll pass. I don’t have white guilt.

  4. Sorry, but theres not enough of us paying attention to be the cause of this. It’s just people are saying” Enough already with Steve Jobs. He’s not even in a comic book!! When is the Barney movie coming out?”.

  5. This no talent shit bag has several movies coming out soon…next up is “The Night Before” with a lot of other shitstains like miley cyprus and clownye west.

  6. That twit is the worst “actor” ever. He has ruined every film he’s been in. I’ve watched paint dry just I would have to see or hear his stupidity. He sucks just plain and simple.

  7. With some exceptions, I have learned to ignonore political pronouncements by actors and musicians.

    There are films and music I can enjoy without agreeing with the artist’s politics.

  8. A no talent leftist hack flips out on Carson to get attention and hype his dopey crack inspired film – glad it tanked.

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