The Jury Is In – This Comedian is Funny

We have a Pinko, Irony Curtain, MJA and BFH endorsement.

We all watched and thought it was very, very good.

I never heard of the guy before. He works clean (2 curse words in over an hour) and it’s all very relatable material, if not done before, but given a fresh new veneer.

I didn’t like him in the first few minutes, but I gave him the 6 minute rule, and now I’m a big fan.

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  1. I liked him immediately. I have MAJOR problems with people too–primarily the petty, jealous, vindictive, backstabbing, hormonal, PMS-controlled bitches at my workplace who are functioning at the emotional level of junior high school girls. They never got “the book” either–the one that instructs you on how to behave like an adult professional on the job.

    Can I hire this guy to sit next to my desk for a day, and then get 10% of the profit on any routine he develops as a result of the experience?

  2. BFH, there was a comedian from New York, Ben Bailey, that seemed like he was on his way and just faded away. Ever listen to him or see him when you lived there? Probably my all time favorite.

  3. One of my favorites –
    “Look what you did to my face!!! Do you see the transformation?!!?”

    -when yelling at a bad driver.

  4. Just about 17 minutes into this….he is HILARIOUS!! When he started about the self-checkout line…I was literally guffawing. Still laughing….’kay gotta watch the rest. 😀

  5. Some good material, but I’ve had my fill of NewYork accents bitching and moaning about every little thing. Usually it was what was wrong with here and how much better it was back up north. My response, borrowed from Lewis Grizzard, would be, “Delta is ready when you are!”

    So, meh. I’ll take Foxworthy, Engvall, Larry the Cable Guy, Steve Harvey, Bruce Bruce et al.

  6. This guy is hilarious! Not too often when you can listen to a comedian who is as funny as this guy! The part about company is spot on, and the Sanka coffee! That’s what my grandma drank! Thanks for the laughs!

  7. Damn, this guy is good!! Thanks for sharing this vid. Never heard of him before. Bathroom attendant bit was funny as sh*t.

  8. I watched the whole thing. He had me at starbucks crumbs in the bag. The whole slow driver thing..good grief. I laughed way out loud. I’m very much “that guy” while driving. I have to see the person’s face. I must know who the hell is doing this to me! Ha. Thanks BFH.

  9. my oldest, when we called her, came running out of the study while she was on the phone and only in her socks.

    The slide is still priceless in our family stories. 🙂

  10. I’ve been a fan for a while. He’s so much better than Louis C.K. or Kevin Hart imho. They always resort to f-bombs and something vulgar.

  11. My almost 86 year old mom will not go to the self check out line. Her philosophy is she pays for check out. If the store gives a discount for going through self check out, then she will participate.

    Love my mom!

  12. I haven’t been able to watch a stand up comedian in years because they all suck. But this guy had me busting up. Very funny stuff, well, all the way up to the Michael Jackson part; he could drop that part from his act and pick up a few more fans.

    That snake tattoo was hilarious, a lot of truth to that. lol

  13. Thanks for introducing us to Sebastian! It’s difficult to find comedians who don’t swear every other word or get vulgar.
    I sat and watched the entire thing.

    Very funny!

  14. Yeah, come to find out he is from Chicago but his old man was an Italian immigrant and that’s where the accent comes from I believe.
    Anyway, I finished it and the other one on YouTube. You’re right, he’s funny.

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