Hollywood Takes A Swing At Conservative Talk Radio

There’s a trailer out for a new film titled, “Hot Air.” It’s about an obnoxious conservative talk radio host whose life is upended by the sudden appearance of his mixed race niece… only its worse than that.

Review Here 

See how long you can last watching the trailer. (I managed 1:10) Here

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  1. …they alread did this with a liberal imagining of Rush Limbaugh in a 2013 episode of “Blue Bloods”, which is sometimes a good show, and sometimes just more liberal propaganda…


    “Frank turns the tables on a bigoted radio host broadcasting from New York City when he assigns only racially diverse police officers to provide security for the event.”

  2. “His protege is gaining on him via a soft, fuzzy and hopelessly blank brand of conservatism…”

    I see. In Bizarro World, Medved and Smerconish are on their way up, and Rush is on the way down. Whatever.

  3. Not even 00:00
    The fingerprints are easily lifted with transparent tape and bubblegum vapors and a red herring feather duster.

  4. Looks like a re-election ad for Trump. They are losing their minds and all they can do is react with this type of insanity. And it is going to backfire biggly.

  5. When I think of liberals I think of half the country being populated by Leona Helmsley’s.
    We should make a movie about the typical idiot on the left. There’d be lines around the block for that comedy.

  6. @gin blossom – I think they already made a move like that called “Idiocracy.” Maybe it’s time for a re-make on that.

  7. “…“Hot Air” (aka ‘Hot Mess’) is a wannabe expose of conservative talk radio that hasn’t the first clue what makes the format tick.”
    – EXACTLY!

  8. Gladys: that is a movie sequel whose time has come!

    President Not Sure’s re-election campaign and effort to turn centuries of slouching towards Gomorrah around is in doubt following Upgrayedd’s surprise opposition candidacy.

    The fireworks will be simulcast on both the Batin’ Network and Debatin’ Network. Sponsored by Carl’s Jr and Brawndo.

  9. it will be interesting to see what other reviewers say. I wonder if they can be as (what appears to be) honest and even handed.

  10. Hater’s gotta Hate.
    It’s a democrat thing. Ninety percent of the racism in America today comes from the Democratic Party and the Left. They live off it and exploit it. 0bama was the master of race division.

  11. Boycott hollywood (movies, tv, netflix, etc) – it’s the only way we can purge it of the freaks running it.

  12. RadioMattM AUGUST 21, 2019 AT 2:29 PM
    Super nightshade: I guess the producers of that show never heard of Bo Snerdly.”

    …they also play it WAY over the top, and with an obvious White Supremacy that the ACTUAL Rush has NEVER expressed. Like I said, it’s their FANTASY of what THEY think Rush is, and never let reality get in the way of the story you WANT to tell, if you’re a projecting Democrat…

  13. the commies and queers in hollywood are outdoing themselves right before the 20 election.

    there’s hot air, and bombshell, and then there’s that movie about liberals hunting trump supporters.

    it seems to be the only thing that those queers like more than sucking dick. making movies like this to express their rage that us deplorables don’t applaud when we see one of them with a dick in their mouth.

  14. Anonymous August 21, 2019 at 1:57 pm, Thank you for that video!

    Cleansing after watching a minute (couldn’t last as long as you did, Dr. Tar!) of that trash Ho-wood made.

  15. Another Brit over pronouncing to fake an American accent. They managed to get Rush’s warm, fuzzy line in there.
    Another failure for Hollywood.


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