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Hollywood’s Idiotic Heroes

What passes for heroes in Hollywood is nothing but stupidity and criminality.

h/t CallMeStormy

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  1. F Hollywood bunch of self righteous progressives. Last movie I saw at a theater was the first Star Wars.

  2. Wild Bill is A-OK and right on.

    Hollyweird is a cesspit of perversion, debauchery, pedophilia, drugs, and morons.

    Hollyweird hasn’t had an original idea in 4 decades.

    New tech stuff to make all the warmed-over ideas look better, but no original ideas.
    Pick a movie. You can just about recall every scene or theme from some other movie, book, comic, or story.

  3. I remember years ago hearing a story about Tommy Lasorda, when he was asked if he thought Darrel Strawberry was a hero for getting clean. Lasorda answered in his way, saying “hell no, the heroes are the ones who don’t get hooked on drugs in the first place.” My thoughts exactly

  4. I dunno…Di Caprio seems to be speaking the truth about “man made climate change” as he scoots around the country in his private jet.

  5. What happened to the heroes of the silver and television screen?

    Tom Mix, Lash LaRue, William Boyd, Johnny Mack Brown, Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, John Wayne, Bill Elliott, Fess Parker (Daniel Boone/Davey Crocket), Jimmy Stewart, Audie Murphy (most decorated soldier of WWII), and the list of white hats vs black hats goes on for the heroes of my day (and in the re-runs in the ’60’s).

    We had to watch Lawrence Welk, Melody Ranch and Andy Williams. Flip Wilson was pushing the limits but my Pop LOVED, Geraldine.

    Then there was Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Red Skelton, Carmen Miranda, Dorothy Lamour, Virginia Mayo, and that list as well goes on….

    We played Combat!, Rat Patrol, Cops and Robbers, Daniel Boone and Mingo, cowboys and Indians, and the ones playing the “good guys,” always prevailed (even if the Indians were the good guys).

    Where have our heroes gone for the younger generation of today? Rhetorical, maybe. But what/where are the heroes for our children today?

    What HAS become of us? What has become of wholesome entertainment where; good, God, and Country, always prevailed?

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